The Two Queens & The Mistress

A story relating to Law, Chaos & Neutrality.

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When Magoth, King of Gods, became Ruler of Worlds, the forgotten gods sent to him triplet sisters: Illumina, Esotera, and Thelessara. All three sisters desired to betroth their suitor and rule by his side. Unfortunately, Magoth fell madly in love with all three and could not decide which he would call his wife.

The King of Gods devised a series of tests to see who was most suited to aide him in ruling over the world, and after many trials, Illumina became his wife and was appointed Queen of Gods. Magoth saw her kind heart, and knew it was good for the sake of mortals for her to be at his side.

This infuriated Esotera, who saw her sister as weak and diminutive, coddling the mortals she ruled over rather than investing her power as a goddess. So, she hatched a plan against Illumina, and seduced Magoth into also accepting her as a second wife, and queen of equal stature. And, since Magoth had long been in love with all three sisters, it took only the convincing of her pleasurable touch and then suddenly there were two Queen Rulers of Worlds.

This equal arrangement quickly led to bickering between Esotera and Illumina as each fought for the devotion of the mortals. The argument eventually grew to epic proportions as the two goddesses began to lash out at the followers of the other. This lead to a great war among mortals, and an age of destruction and imbalance.

The world was nearly torn asunder, and this saddened Magoth greatly. Seeing the sadness her sisters had caused their husband, the third sister, Thelessara, took pitty upon the King of Gods, and offered comfort to him while her two sisters continued to wage war.

During these long hours of conversation, Magoth’s passion for Thelessara grew, and the two soon became lovers. Unnoticed by the other two sisters during their heated conflict, Magoth and Thelessara spent many nights together, and soon she found herself with child from her lover.

When his daughter Andrassa was born of Thelessara, he felt great love as a father for her, and grew greatly angered by the devastation being caused by both Illumina and Esotera to the world that his little girl would one day inherit. The God struck down the two opposing sisters and decreed that they would, either one, no longer be queen, and that in their stead, Thelessara would be his one and only wife, Queen and co-ruler of worlds.

However, taking pity on her two sisters, and knowing the love she felt for her siblings as well as her lover, she brokered a deal with the three of them. She would decline the appointment as wife and queen, if her two sisters would halt their battle with one another. As long as she was allowed to know the touch of Magoth as a lover, she would continue to refuse the position offered. Likewise, knowing Magoth’s passion for her, Thelessara also promised her heart and body to him if he would but only reinstate her sisters, and accept her without marriage or appointment.

And thus became the King’s two wives and his mistress. The three sisters; Illumina (Law), his first wife and rightful Queen. Esotera (Chaos), the seductress, and Thelessara (Neutrality), who balanced the struggle between the two of them.

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The Two Queens & The Mistress

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