The Nation of Highguard

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The Nation of Highguard

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The Nation of Highguard

Located in the upper north western most corner of the continent, the Nation of Highguard is primarily of arctic climate. The southern inland border region of the nation is of high elevation traced with massive glacial drifts that peter westward until drifting into the Unnavigable Sea of Iceburgs. The westernmost portion of the nation consists of a vast plain of arctic tundra, frozen solid with a deep layer of permafrost. The northwestern portion of the content is an un-survivable frozen wasteland that exists in a perpetual state of fierce piercing winds and blinding blizzard. Some of the snowdrifts of the Frozen Wastes rival the height of some of the mountain peaks of the continent.

Legendary Title: Watchers of the World
Climate Zone: Mostly Arctic [ More Info on Climate Zones ]
Primary Resource: Mined Ice Opals, Silver and Gold
Predominant Race(s): Humans, Northern Settlers & The Dark Elves of Winterstone
Alignment of Government: Lawful Good
Total Population: 150,000

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Places of Interest

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Being mostly located in the arctic climate zone, there is very little agriculture or other such common resource origins for the Nation of Highguard. There are some silver and gold mines in the southern regions, tapping deposits literally drug southwestwardly by the Glacial Drift. However, the primary resource for the icy nation is the mining of Ice Opals – A very rare, and valuable gemstone that can only be found within the frozen waters of the Hidden Sea.

Ice opals are formed form a combination of mineral and salt deposits from the frozen seawater when compressed from the immense pressures of the two colliding arctic ice plates that make up the western half of the nation’s landscape. Though the natural process is not completely understood, the life essence that once existed in the sea is also somehow infused into these deposits, and the resulting amalgam of components over countless eons form tiny opaline gemstones.

Ice opals seem to have a strange effect on healing magic, and if enough are combined (usually around 250,000 GP or more) can actually amplify the effects of said healing. For this reason, the gemstone is mostly sought out by temples, hospitals, and clinics, who then utilize these strange properties to better care for the injured.

Technical Note: A typical-sized ice opal (a 1/10th-inch sphere) is valued at about 2,500 GP. Combining 250,000 GP worth of Ice Opals into a single bundle will cause all healing magic to be amplified x2 within a 60’ spherical radius of the bundle. For this reason, they are often used for large, ornate holy symbols found in temples. To further amplify healing effects within the 60’ radius, the number of ice opals must be multiplied by 10. Therefore a 2,500,000 GP bundle of ice opals would provide a x3 amplifier to healing effects within the same 60’ radius, and a 25,000,000 GP bundle would provide x4, etc. The only known 5x bundle of Ice Opals is located in the Temple of Gryphons in Guardswatch.

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The Nation of Highguard

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