The Conception of Ethissa and Jynathis

Kigamaru, Lord of Demons, once initiated a scheme to unsettle the divine balance at the request of his mother, Esotera, 2nd Queen of the Gods and Goddess of Darkness. Though forbidden by oath to directly assault her sister and rival, Illumina, 1st Queen of the Gods and Goddess of Light or any of her followers, she realized that she was not forbidden from altering the balance that had been instated by her other sister, Thelessara, Misttress of Magoth, and the aspect of divine Balance.

Esotera asked Kigamaru to give to her a grandchild which would be of her blood, and guided by the aspects of the Evil Domain. Her son agreed, and with the assistance of Mylissa, the Hidden goddess, who provided him with a spell that made him undetectable, he snuck into the bedchamber of his half-sister, Andrassa, daughter of Thelessara and goddess of oaths.

Aided by the spell cast upon him, Kigamaru surpised Andrassa, binding her tightly and kidnapping her, secreting her away to the plane of mortals, and into his dedicated temple hidden deep within the Volcanic mountains of Oryn. There, while she was bound, he rapped her repeatedly until she was with child.

Not being able to find her daughter, and sensing the sudden shift in the divine balance caused by the unborn child of Kigamaru, Thelessara sought out the aid of her sister, Illumina.

In turn, the Goddess of Light charged her son, Abriliam, God of Holy Warriors and Kings to seek out and rescue his half-sister from the Lord of Demons.

Abriliam turned to Eolitha, Goddess of the Mountain, and divine aspect of Knowledge to locate Andrassa. Searching through the mountains, Eolitha found the dedicated temple of Kigamaru and seeing his actions against his half-sister, directed Abriliam there.

Upon his arrival, Abriliam challenged Kigamaru, and after a long battle, he Abriliam cast his half-brother back into the Domain of Chaos. Champion and hero of Andrassa, Abriliam release his half-sister from her bounds, however she refused to leave.

Understanding that the immortal child that she carried now upset the divine Balance, and would lend aid to the Domain of Evil, using the knowledge of balance bestowed upon her by her mother, Thelessara, begged of Abriliam to help her restore what had been set awry by Kigamru’s actions.

Abriliam quickly swore to his half-sister that he would do anything in his power to help her to restore the divine balance, to which she then revealed to him her wish to bare also his child who would be sired in the Domain of Good.

Though already being lover and husband to Nymril, Goddess of Forests and Nature, Abriliam found himself bound by oath and driven by his divine aspect to honor that oath. However, he would only do so with the blessing of his wife.

And so Abriliam and Andrassa sought council with his wife, and Nymril was not pleased, though understanding of the need to restore the divine balance. She reminded the siblings that Abriliam had already sworn an oath to her before making the commitment to each other.

Though it hurt her heart, Nymril agreed to allow her husband to sire child with his half-sister under the stipulation that the child be reared by Eolitha, and taught the ways of knowledge so that the child would bring the understanding of the mortal world to the Elder Immortals.

Andrassa agreed to Nymril’s terms, and swore that the child would be given to Eolitha to be raised. And so, while his wife held him close, Abriliam took his half-sister and, with the aid of Nymril’s sister, Anarynn, Goddess of Love and Fertility, Andrassa became pregnant with child.

Upon returning his half-sister, Abriliam told tale of the entire incident to his mother, who then recanted the tale to Magoth. Angered at Esotera for yet once again attempting to upset the divine balance, the King of the Gods afflicted her son to Inferno for a thousand year sentence, where he was tortured and disfigured by the demons he had held dominion over. When the Eater of Souls returned to his station, his deformed appearance so sickened Esotera that she disowned him, claiming that her son never returned from Inferno.

Magoth, being a fair ruler, also saw the sacrifice of Nymril, having sacrificed her own emotions for the good of the divine Balance. As a reward, Magoth bestowed upon her sole dominion over both the domains of Plants and Animals, where she alone would forever more have complete rulership.

Soon afterwards, Andrassa’s twins were born, two girls. The daughter of Abriliam was named Ethissa, and being raised by Eolitha in the ways of Knowledge, became the Goddess of Learning and Understanding. The daughter of Kigmaru was cast into the Domain of Evil, where she was discovered by Issamera, Goddess of Envy, Vanity, and Jealousy. She named the child Jynathis and raised her to be consumed with contempt and jealousy of her half-sister. Jynathis became the Goddess of Revenge and Murder, and spends her days with rage watching Ethissa from the Domain of Evil, unable to pursue her desires to irradicate her sibling due to the restored divine Balance.

The Conception of Ethissa and Jynathis

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