Special House Rules

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This section will contain details on special customized house rules put in place by the Dungeon Master. Any questions should be addressed in the Campaign Forum.

Money Management

Most merchants and service providers in the Nine Great Nations will not make change for denominations lower than silver pieces (SP). It is common practice to round up copper peice (CP) costs to the nearest SP. Items priced at less than a silver piece are intended to be purchased in bulk, but if you choose to buy something or pay for a service that costs less than 1 SP, you will have to pay 1 SP (or 100 CP if you insist on using CP). Banks can convert bulk CP to larger denominations. All nine capital cities have banks that can accommodate currency conversion.

Limited Level Progression

As has been the case in all campaigns I’ve run, there is a limit of one level progression per game session played. For instance, if you have enough experience to be level 10, but have only attended 7 game sessions, your character cannot progress beyond the 7th level. Likewise, even if your character gained no more experience, but you attended the next game session, you could progress that character to 8th level since 1) you have enough experience, and 2) you’ve attended 8 game sessions.

Character Level Cap

Characters may proceed beyond Level 20 as per the Epic Level Handbook, however, as a house rule, they will not gain additional levels beyond 25th. Instead, players will be able to use earned experience to purchase additional feats and skill points once the character has reached the 25th level.

These “capped” feats can come from any official Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition book, as long as they are applicable to the character and he or she meets all requirements for obtaining those feats. The cost for standard feats will be 50,000 Experience, and the cost for epic feats will be 100,000 Experience.

Additional Skill Points can be purchased for a cost of 5000 Experience / Skill Point, and can be applied to any skill. However, capped characters will not be allowed to exceed +10 higher than their slot for both class and cross-class skills.

Once a character has been capped, any experience earned above the 300,000 required to obtain 25th level will be logged as “Epic Experience”, and all “Spent Epic Experience” will be tracked.

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Special House Rules

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