Personal Journal of Vaynard Dinadan

Excerpts From the Journey East

The Black War:

The war does not go well. Bodies litter the Pine Knolls. My father is leading a campaign that is a stalemate at its best – a war of attrition with the Blackfist. I cannot imagine that the tide shall ebb by any reasonable stretch of the imagination, despite my most fervent prayers. Abriliam, it seems, knows all too well the treachery upon which this war was wrought. Alas, that is a memory from years past – a memory best forgotten. An err of youth, born of inexperience and ignorance – an inability to act. The results of my inaction with Marcus echo across the cold surface of my home, and are mirrored on the faces of my people. I lament these dark times that have befallen us. I long for the day that I meet him again, that I may bring him to bear for the suffering his ambition has born.

After attending several briefings between Father and his lieutenants, it is growing more apparent that we are fighting a losing war. Their numbers are endless, and for all our efforts we are turned, and turned again. Their foul stench creeps across the glaciers – permeates Clearpass – and infects our home. They are coming…

The men have begun to notice, as have I, that the Winter Wolf has aged visibly over the past 5 years. The burden of cleaning up after his son and caring for a distraught daughter, the utter isolation from the world beyond our borders, and this seemingly insurmountable foe have left him a shell of his former self. His once regal, albeit soft-spoken, demeanor has been traded in for a bitter and angry, but determined, persona with a grim outlook on the future of his kingdom. Treatise to the other nations, namely to Grayson of Ytaerreth, fall on deaf ears. We are truly alone.

I will continue to serve my father for as long as he will have me, and I refuse to fail him again…

~Sleepday, the 10th Day of Folitorn during the Season of Wisdom in the Third Year of the Black Sun Knight (3425 CE)

Father has approached me with talk of the preparations for a great journey. After having missed the Festival of Knowing due to the events that ignited the war, word of the Oracle’s prophecy, a vision, had finally reached us. The Oracle foresaw the eight divine artifacts, the weapons wielded by each of the Birthrights of the other Nine Nations, uniting at the Stone Gate, and bravely venturing forth to retrieve the lost ninth receptacle and reinstate the House of Ugar, and the Nation of Mulgaria. He tells me that the war is no longer my responsibility, that it is his burden to bear, and it is now up to me to answer the Oracle’s call, and to fulfill her prophecy. Despite my fervent pleas to be allowed to remain here, at his side, serving our people, and my noting that the full moon has already passed, he has ordered me to seek out the other Birthrights. He is convinced that late is better than never.

It is with great anger and trepidation that I prepare myself for the journey ahead.

My passage into and through Ytaerreth will be slow and laborious, but after much prayer and thoughtful conversation with Father, I feel the path that I will soon set upon will be the one that has been placed before me by Abriliam. I will go east, restore the house of Ugar, and return with all-haste – hopefully with fresh allies in tow — to see this war to its end.

Into the Mist:
Riseday, the 13th Day of Folitorn during the Season of Wisdom in the Third Year of the Black Sun Knight (3425 CE)

After many nights careful travel through the Pine Knolls, I have broken free from black territory, and have proceeded east across the veiled lands. The fog is thick, and visibility is low, however, making use of the roads will surely minimize my time en route to the Stone Gate. I have pressed Shadowmare to the brink of exhaustion as we have traveled, and have only just taken my first night of residence in Ytaerreth Minor. Tomorrow, I will make for Mystown, and then to the Stone Gate the day after. I am using complete discretion with my identity, opting to minimize advertisement of the prince’s journey east. I intend to avoid unwanted attention. I find that I have been moved to prayer more frequently as of late, and I feel that the closer I grow to the fallen land, the stronger my conviction is becoming. Whether this is simply fear-born, or God-given, I do not question – but I find solace in my meditations. I am certain now, beyond any doubt, that I have found my path, and have a guiding hand upon my actions.

Personal Journal of Vaynard Dinadan

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