Personal Journal of Garyn Dorn

Illumiday, the 12th day of Ganitorn thru Reepday, the 17th day of Ganitorn during the Season of Labor in the Third Year of the Black Sun Dancer (3420 CE).

Today is the Festival of Knowing and I am filled with a mixture of wonder and dread at the thought of meeting the Oracle face to face.
When the lance chose me over my half brothers I was astonished to say the least. Father before that moment had never really claimed me as his son until he had no choice, not to say i have lead a deprived life by any means. The look on the faces of those highblood elves was like a salve on an angry wound! A halfblood chosen to take the throne! My half brothers were stunned and more than a little angry that the ( Manchild ) had been chosen.
Uppon entering the meetinghall known as The Corpus Karpium, I met several of my fellow birthrites. A solid and gruff dwarf named Braxus Blackstone, The barrel chested human Aiden Grayson the third, A greasy and portly halfling named Tradak Tumblebelly, and last a skinny ratlike little fellow who barley introduced himself as Vawn Castillo.
We all drank more than a little ale, except Vawn who sulked in a corner and nursed a glass of milk. The evening blurred by and I remember little besides an eveningdress being thrown to me and Tradak squeezing into it and attempting to dance thus winding up in a heap on the floor.
The next day we were lead to the temple of the oracle, but uppon our arrival a raggid caravan of refugees from Mulgiara arrived with news of a massive Kwol attack! They barely had time to tell their story before a large number of the beasts appeared all around us. My fellow birthrights and I took a small girl who was with the caravan and sought saftey within the temple.
Uppon slamming the doors behind us we discovered several of the creatures inside with us along with a huge winged monstrosity that had the oracle in its grasp! Our first combat aganst the Kwol was a slim victory at best. We managed to down the smaller ones and after a tense battle the large winged one as well, ( A well aimed bolt with a vial of fireoil exploded its head.)
When we gathered our wits we discovered the young girl missing and mostlikley dead and the Oracle wounded. One of my allies healed the Oracle and gripping the lance I was granted a vision from the Oracle of darkness and suffering .
The Kwol were gone as swiftly as they appeared and it was decided that we would return to our lands and spread the word of what transpired here this day.

( the following journel entry is jotted down in the margin of the book)
Mila has returned to me today! It is as if I am whole again for the first time in many days,Her mere presence calms me and makes everything seem a little brighter. Mayhaps I will profess the feelings to her that I have been holding inside for so long?

Many days have passed from the last time I have been able to put quill to parchment, and none of them uneventful. My latest judgment call has costed myself and my allies dearly. While exploring the ruins of an ancient temple in the Deadlands we came uppon a magically warded area that by all appearances killed any whom ventured into it. When Mila ventured too close and was reduced to a cloud of dust I asked our companion (A huge Black dragon) to topple the tower. This apparently triggered the magic in the area and we all found ourselfs floating in a great dark nothingness, Where we were forced to do battle with a writhing mass of tentacles who guarded the strange place. With the help of the dragon we quickly got the best of our hellish foe and reappeared outside the ruins, where to my utter horrer that the Titan Scourge had crashed and every hand aboard had perished! How many people will die because of my recklessness? I must find some way to attone for the deaths of these allies.

We have decided to rest for a few days in a small town near the home of Braxus. I found the crew list from the Titan Scourge and have just had the names of every crewmember who fell tattooed uppon my side so as to never forget those who died because of my actions. Vanard seems troubled as of late and is not willing to speak of what troubles him, Mintha a dwarf Dragon hunter whom we happened across, has decided to part ways with our group because “This is just not my thing.” She will be missed. I have been thinking much as of late about the lich that we have encountered and become reluctant allies with, and decided that I will begin to research the methods on how to become like him. There is a saying ( To fight fire with fire ) tho most i have ever heard of are evil what is to say that a lich couldnot be a champion for good? My eyes grow weary and I long for Mila`s warm embrace so I shall retire for the nite.

Personal Journal of Garyn Dorn

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