Personal Journal of Braxus Blackstone

Journal Entry I

I’m losing track of the days and not sure what day it is for this journal writing. I have some time here in Mystown to write down my thoughts since this quest started. I know that our quest from the Oracle is difficult and has been deadly thus far. We’ve lost Ophylia and a scribe named Natasha to some bandits after passing through the Stone Gate and crossing into Mulgaria. Ophylia was missing for a time, but last word was that she was alive. Natasha was dead but not alive for a while, drawn to Aiden somehow during that time while she was trapped in between. I was thinking the man was a bit touched in the head for all his troubles. Then, we found out that Natasha is a birthright.

Praise the gods that they’re generous enough to let us find Natasha’s heritage in our travels. One of the birthrights, Vawn of Oryn, is gone. It’s sad to think of perishing in the manner that he did. Forever walking as a shell of his former self, never able to rest in peace. I hate the undead. Vawn was killed by a lich named Thelacron in his city of undead. It sends shivers through me. If I could kill them all, I would rest easier at night as well as anyone else that hates and fears those abominations. We were led to that place by a ghost. Vandermort is his name. He was made by Thelacron for his defiance. I don’t like the undead, but Vandermort was true to his word in leading us there safely. That poor man lost all of his comrades, his family and his own life to Thelacron. If I can find a way to vanquish that unholy creation, I will trust Warnik to guide my axe true.

And now we’re dealing with Dark Elves. I despise them like the undead. I’ve never fought either until now, but I hate them about the same. I probably hate Dark Elves slightly more than the undead since all I’ve seen thus far is their powerful incantations to try and cloud our heads or toss fireballs at us. I believe I made those Dark Elves think twice about crossing our peoples though. I opened a deadly wound on one of their kind, allowing his innards to fall to the ground as he tried his magics. I say kill the lot of them. The only good Elf is a dead one. Garyn, the birthright of Silverfel, is an exception to those words, although he’s only half-Elf and not full. At least he is trying to save the lands and not plunge them into darkness.

Journal Entry II

It’s been some time since my last journal entry. I need to share my thoughts now lest something tragic befall me. Many things have happened, probably too much for me to write to these pages accurately. I can say with much certainty that there is more going on here than it appears. I sense deception on many fronts, within the party and without. We’ve been newly tasked, somewhat un-willingly, to find orbs in each nation that are tied to the birthright receptacles, seemingly to prevent the end of our existence or bring about our end, whichever should happen with who controls them. I’ve been taught things regarding my receptacle, but never to question the origin and purpose of it. I’ve always thought it to be a force for good in times of despair or a light to shine as a beacon to its people to lead them from darkness. Could our learned history of the receptacles be wrong?

We’ve gained watchers from our new task masters. A Dark Elf and her summon. Her summon appears as a bird. In truth, her summon is a black dragon. The dragon has used a Dark Elf form as well, although she lacks any sense to put on clothing. She’s taken a keen interest in me of late, following closely in her bird form or speaking with me in her Elf form about why I hate her so much. I suppose my hatred of the Elves is learned, passed from generation to generation in regards to some long-forgotten war or dispute. As for dragons, I don’t know of any that like dragons. The dragons that I’ve seen thus far have caused nothing but chaos and destruction. She told me to look at myself before passing judgments upon her, as her part in this quest was commanded to repay an old debt. I slept on her words, taking prayer the following morning. During prayer, I remembered a story told to me by my father that was told to him by his father. It was a story of duty, when sometimes you have to do something un-wanted because it must be done to ensure your survival. It seems that I still have much to learn, especially when it concerns judging others before truly knowing them.

I have since apologized to the dragon, gaining a small alliance in the process. I’m uncertain of what to think of this new alliance. She’s promised not to betray me, but she didn’t mention the others as part of her bargain. I’ve made the same bargain with her, but I hope that I never have to chose sides between her and the other birthrights. I should hate to side against her after seeing her display of power. We would surely perish. The only way that I could choose her side is if I knew that she were in the right and the other birthrights were in the wrong. I pray that I can convince the others should that day come.

We continue our ride west to familiar lands and a welcomed sight: home.

Personal Journal of Braxus Blackstone

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