Pantheon of the Gods and Goddesses

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Common Religion ~ The Divine Monolith

The Divine Monolith is a visual representation of a concept known as The Immortal Spirit. This is a belief that all things are connected, and that the world, rather than being black and white, is a vibrant array of colorful thoughts, concepts, and emotions. Most of the individual deities of the pantheon that make up the Divine Monolith are not viewed as innately good or evil, but rather in context to the path in which they are pursued or honored.

Those Who Pray

There are three types of believers of the Immortal Spirit. The most common are considered “Those Who Pray”, and represent the most generalized and everyday individual. These individuals will often call on any of the deities when a specific need arises, with understanding that the context of their purpose defines the alignment of their prayer.

For instance, a man praying to Aphrail (Goddess of Lust & Desire) and Issimera (Goddess of Envy & Vanity) to empower himself to seduce his neighbors wife, would be unquestioningly pursuing a negative path. However, a man praying to Aphrail and Anarynn (Goddess of Love & Fertility) to honor the love and desire that he and his wife share, would obviously have positive intentions. So, even though both men prayed to the Goddess Aphrail, who represents the divine aspect of Hate, the actual alignment of their goals are very different.In this way, “Those Who Pray” often choose to honor multiple gods or goddess at once depending on their individual goals.


The second type of believer are “The Pathwalkers”. The Divine Monolith depicts eight distinct paths, and one specialized path for arcane magic-users. Each of the eight paths encompass a sub-pantheon of four god or goddesses of the main-pantheon that most accurately represent the path’s goals. Pathwalkers tend to be individual more focused on an individual goal, and so dedicate their prayer and honor specifically to the sub-pantheon of the path they have chosen to follow.

The Nine Paths (and corresponding divine aspects) are:

  • The Path of Magic (Special Path of Dayrith, Available only to Wizards and Sorcerers)

The Devout

The final type of believer are “The Devout”. These individuals dedicate their prayer and honor to one specific deity. They are most often zealots, and align themselves wholly and unquestioningly with their chosen god or goddess. They dedicate almost every aspect of their lives to trying to honor their deity and their relative divine aspect. They often times will wage a personal war against literal represenations of the divine aspect and the devout believers of their deities divine rival.

Clerics and Paladins are almost always devout followers of a specific diety. And while the recognize the other gods and goddess of the pantheon, they reserve honor and prayer for only their chosen deity.

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The Divin Monolith [Click for Full-Scale, Full-Color Version]

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I. Balance Established -
The Two Queens & The Mistress

II. The First Threat to Balance -
The Conception of Ethissa and Jynathis

III. The Birth of Magic -
Dayrith’s Discovery of the Essence Stone

IV. Ending the War of the Two Queens -
The Archangels and Archdemons Ascention to Elysium and Inferno

V. War Between Mortals -
Kigmaru and Unafrael in the Bearing of Ramarul

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Deity Lists

Deities by General Alignment

Deities by Specific Alignment

Deities by Domain

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Holy Symbols

As the official artwork for the setting continues to be created, holy symbols for each of the deities will be posted below:

Illumina Esotera Thelessara

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Pantheon of the Gods and Goddesses

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