An Introduction to the Khwol

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The Khwol are a monstrous race from another, very different realm of reality. The varieties of Khwol are nearly countless, but there is one universal factor that applies to all of them: an undying desire and hell-bent will to destroy all life from this world.

The Khwol have a unique ability to shift between this world and their own, so often their attacks come in massively large numbers and with absolutely no warning. This ability to bi-locate has apparent limitations though, including a time factor. Once the Khwol have shifted into this world, it’s about an hour (exactly 66 minutes) before they are able to shift back to their own realm. For this reason, many Khwol attacks are more like hour-long ambush skirmishes rather than long-fought battles. This makes them a particularly devastating enemy since they often attack in unexpected regions where there is little to no military enforcement, and by the time troops arrive to defend against the attack, the Khwol have already lain to waste their target and have shifted back to their own realm. It does however, also provide a glimmer of hope for those being attacked: in most instances, if you can survive 66-minutes in a Khwol attack, you’re going to survive the encounter. Attacks of a longer period of time are very rare, and only occur with an incredible number of Khwol on the offensive.

The Mulgarian Cry

One recent prolonged Khwol attack consisted of a force estimated to consist of at least half a million Khwol initiating a full scale attack against the Mulgarian army. The battle, known today as the Mulgarian Cry, lasted for a sustained three days, is the largest known invasion of Khwol to ever take place, and resulted in the utter destruction of the Mulgarian people who were all but completely exterminated in the attack. Out of a population of over three hundred thousand Mulgarians, less than a hundred who were witness survived the onslaught. However, such prolonged attacks are rare, and have an obvious effect on the Khwol’s shifting abilities, as the Mulgarian Cry was immediately followed by a two year period with absolutely no sightings of any Khwol whatsoever.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Khwol

Can the Khwol shift items or people from this world into the other?

No. One apparent limitation to the Khwol shift effect is that only matter from their world may shift back. This means any and all matter from this world remains after the Khwol end an attack. This includes any items, people, body parts, or blood on them… This often leads to an event called “The Rain of Blood” that often occurs when flying Khwol shift, allowing the remaining gore that covered them — or may have been contained within them — to fall back down to earth.

Likewise, when the Khwol shift effect happens, all matter from their world is effected, so no bodies, remains, items, etc. are left behind after a Khwol departure.

Do the Khwol shift individually?

No. It seems that when the shift effect happens either in arrival or departure, that all effected Khwol matter shifts simultaneously. Survivors of Khwol attacks report a “dimming” effect that happens just before a shift takes place where all light seems to become less luminous for about half a minute prior to the shift. This provides a very short warning before a Khwol arrival, but is often of little use to those being attacked. Seen from a distance, this “dimming” effect looks similar to a translucent dark dome that covers the area about to be shifted into. The size of this “dome” directly correlates to the number of Khwol shifting.

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An Introduction to the Khwol

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