The Titian Scourge

Airship the Queen Ophylia "commandeered" after her rescue at sea.


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Style: Galleon (Greek Style)
Length: 110 feet at longest point
Width: 40 feet at widest point
Hull Height: 40 feet (3 Decks; 15’ Cargo Deck (bottom), 8’ Quarters Deck)
Height w/ Dirigible: 100 feet including 20’ gap between the hull and dirigible
Skiffs: 3 (10’ long, boards 12 each), outfitted with optional one-use parachutes
Top Speed: 20 Knots (about 23 MPH)

Captain: Jamus Tanis “Cap’n JT for short”
Navigator: Audri Mintayn “The Sparrow”
First Mate: Robert Tindlemen (missing left arm)
Second Mate: Alindra Goldlyric (Also, serves as ship’s Bard)
Engineer: Tumble Fearsnone (Also, invented the airship)
Chef: Brog Lassiter “The Grog Master”

Crew: Captain, Navigator, First Mate, Second Mate, Engineer, Chef, 10 Deck Hands, 10 Cargo and Boarding Crew.

Armament: The ship is outfitted for 10 cannon and 12 ballista, but the weapons have been removed to reduce the weight of the ship to allow flight.

Power Source: Arcane. Essentially powered by a series of permanent mage hands that work together to help lift/lower the ship with it’s dirigible ballast as well as push the ship forward, backwards, and turn the ship left or right. There is no way that the arcane magic alone can pull this off, the secret of the engineering of the Titian Scourge is that the arcane engine utilizes crysteel to amplify the effects of the magic twenty fold, thus providing the power needed to steer the ship.

Deck Map of the Titian Scourge


The Titian Scourge

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