(HA #004) The Rapier, Angiolleta

Sacred Receptacle of the Nation of Tanituti (Form: Rapier)

weapon (melee)

Class: Artifact (Intelligent/Self-Aware)
Alignment: Good
Persona: Feminine, Complementary
Communication: Telepathic, Empathic
Base Stats: +3 Rapier (Additional +1 for every 5 character levels of owner)
Bonus Type: To Hit & To Damage
Type: Melee Martial Weapon, Medium, Piercing
Range: 5 ft.
Base Damage: 1d6
Critical: 18-20 x2
Materials: Adamantine
Weight: 4 lbs.

Special Abilities: (Have been randomly determined by the DM)
Standard #1 (At Character Level 1): Flaming (DMG 3.5 p 224)
Standard #2 (At Character Level 1): Bane (Animals) (DMG 3.5 p. 224)
At Character Level 5: Keen (DMG 3.5 p. 225)
At Character Level 10: Flaming (Doubled) (DMG 3.5 p. 224)
At Character Level 15: Shock (DMG 3.5 p. 225)
At Character Level 20: Vicious (DMG 3.5 p. 226)

Special Note: All Special abilities stack.

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Ability Descriptions

Flaming: Upon command, a flaming weapon is sheathed in fire. The fire does not harm the wielder. The effect remains until another command is given. A flaming weapon deals an extra 1d6 points of fire damage on a successful hit.

Bane: A bane weapon excels at attacking one type or subtype of creature. Against its designated foe, its effective enhancement bonus is +2 better than its normal enhancement bonus. It deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against the foe.

Keen: This ability doubles the threat range of a weapon. Only piercing or slashing weapons can be keen. (If you roll this property randomly for an inappropriate weapon, reroll.) This benefit doesn’t stack with any other effect that expands the threat range of a weapon (such as the keen edge spell or the Improved Critical feat).

Shock: Upon command, a shock weapon is sheathed in cracklign electricity. The electricity does not harm the wielder. The effect remains until another command is given. A shock weapon deals an extra 1d6 points of electricity damage on a successful hit.

Vicious: When a vicious weapon strikes an opponent, it creates a flash of disruptive energy that resonates between the opponent and the wielder. This energy deals an extra 2d6 points of damage to the opponent and 1d6 points of damage to the wielder. Only melee weapons can be vicious.

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Additional Information

Special Bonuses to Wielder:
90% Immunity to psionic effects.

Functions as only a +1 Rapier for anyone other than the owner (Grand Poobah Tradak Tumblebelly of Tanituti).
Communicates only with the owner, and only when wielded.

Artifact-Only Abilities:

  • Item is immune to dispel magic.
  • Item is immune to psionic effects.
  • Item has 90% immunity to any spell-like ability.
  • Item can Detect Chaos (chaotic alignments) within 60-feet and empathically communicate this information to the wielder.

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Nine Nations Saga: From Beyond the Shattered Gateway


Also known by the alternate name “Backbiter” throughout the history of the nine nations, due the weapons tendancy to lash out at it’s weilder once fully mastered. (See Special Notes above on Vicious).

Angiolleta is the sacred receptacle of the nation of Tanituti – The Lost Ones. She has been passed down generation-to-generation through the lineage of the Halfling Clan of Tumblebelly (the ruling clan of Tanituti) as far back as history records.

Each generation’s wielder (and thus heir to the throne of the nation) being chosen by the artifact upon their 13th year in a ceremony known as “The Searching”. When the heir is chosen, the weapon no longer functions for it’s previous owner, and instead the new wielder begins to learn the intricacies of the artifact, her personality, and bonding with her essence until such time as they are to assume the position of Grand Poobah and High Mayor, and eventually the next generation’s wielder is chosen via The Searching.

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(HA #004) The Rapier, Angiolleta

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