(MMI #110) Full Plate [Ophylia's Armor] [Unidentified]

Full Plate Armor Left Behind by Queen Ophylia of Debron.


The featureless helm and the mirror-like polish gives the wearer of this full plate an otherworldly appearance. It has been crafted to fit the female humanoid body type.

GP Value: ??? GP

Origin: Game Session #2

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Indicated as a magic item per Mila’s detect magic special ability, but the item’s abilities have not yet been identified.

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This was the full plate armor of Queen Ophylia of Debron. It was left by her on the beachfront in Mulgaria when the Birthrights were initially attacked by “The Tangled Web” bandits. She dropped the shield, along with her heavier equipment, and took Natasha into the sea to swim to a safer location while the party engaged the bandits.

Later, Natasha’s drown corpse washed ashore, and what happened to Ophylia could not be determined. Considering her lost at sea, Aiden took upon himself the responsibility of carrying the body of Natasha, Ophylia’s armor and shield (and later her receptacle) with intent of returning them to the Nation of Debron.

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(MMI #110) Full Plate [Ophylia's Armor] [Unidentified]

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