(MMI #004) Cloak of Charisma +2

Gift from the Arcane Council


Beautifully delicate but ever so tough, this gray cloak is made from spiderthread and has an appropriately themed clasp.

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Details: This lightweight and fashionable cloak has a highly decorative silver trim. When in a character’s possession, it adds a +2 enhancement bonus to their Charisma score.

DMG GP Value: 4,000 GP

Currently Owned by: Bastard Prince Garyn Dorn of Silverfel

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This Cloak was originally gifted to Bastard Prince Garyn Dorn of Silverfel at the Festival of Knowing in Debon City. It was one of ten magical gifts presented to the Birthrights by the Senators of the Arcane Council of Brynth.

IC Date Obtained: Sowday, the 15th day of Ganitorn during the season of Labor in the Third Year of the Black Sun Dancer (3420 CE).

OOC Date Obtained: Game Session #1 (04/08/2011)

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(MMI #004) Cloak of Charisma +2

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