(Gems #001) Gems from "The Tangled Web" Treasure Horde [Spent]

Discovered in the "Tangled Web" Treasure Horde.


Total GP Value of Collection: 6,343.5 GP

Origin: Game Session #2

Note: Includes the gems found that were dropped from the sacks of the bandit horsemen who galloped past the Birthrights in Game Session #2.

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Note: In game session #5, these gems were sold in Mystown to Pandol Panarro, propieter of Panarro Fine Art Wares (Gem Shop). The coinage gained from their sale was then grouped with existing coinage, and a total of (5) 2,500 GP Blue Diamonds were perchased and distributed throughout the party.

aqua aura (cloudy blue crystals with flecks of gold on the surface) (42.3 gp)

giant opal (yellow) (1,138.5 gp)

black agate (12.5 gp)

faden quartz (clear with white fiberlike inclusions) (11.7 gp)

frost agate (10.5 gp)

green fluorite (crystals are like intertwined blocks) (7.8 gp)

green topaz (actually nearly blue instead of green) (639.4 gp)

imperial topaz (deep golden color) (848.1 gp)

jade (green mass) (93.7 gp)

moss opal (green) (795.4 gp)

mother-of-pearl (inside of shell – irridescent and multiple colors) (102 gp)

mottled jasper (black and yellow swirlled) (69.3 gp)

nune (9.4 gp)

octel (84.8 gp)

orl (922.2 gp)

red tears (1,089.9 gp)

rutilated quartz (yellow and red random patterns in clear quartz) (11.1 gp)

star chrysoberyl – cat’s eye (green) (454.9 gp)

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This collection of gems was discovered in the treasure horde of the bandit gang known as “The Tangled Web”. (During Game Session #2)

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(Gems #001) Gems from "The Tangled Web" Treasure Horde [Spent]

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