(Coins #001) Coins from "The Tangled Web" Treasure Horde [Spent]

Discovered in the "Tangled Web" Treasure Horde.


Total GP Value of Collection: 14,312.4 GP

Origin: Game Session #2

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Note: In game session #5, coins were grouped with all other coinage to purchase a total of (5) 2,500 GP Blue Diamonds were perchased and distributed throughout the party. The diamonds were purchased in Mystown from Pandol Panarro, propieter of Panarro Fine Art Wares (Gem Shop).

87 platinum coins (870 GP)

13,366 gold coins (13,366 GP)

2,303 silver coins (23.3 GP)

5,310 copper coins (53.1 GP)

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This collection of coins was discovered in the treasure horde of the bandit gang known as “The Tangled Web”. (During Game Session #2)

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(Coins #001) Coins from "The Tangled Web" Treasure Horde [Spent]

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