(Major NPC) Queen Natasha Ugar

Female Human (Inlander) sent by the Oracle to accompany the Birthrights on their quest. Ended up being the daughter of Solomon Ugar. She became Birthright, and Queen of Mulgaria. Aged 6-Years by the Litchblade.


Age: 14 (Appears 20)
Height: 4’ 5"
Hair/Eyes/Skin: Auburn/Dark Brown/Lightly Tanned
Deity: Devout Follower of Thelessara
Languages: High Common (Inlander Accent) & Nebrailic (Inlander Tongue)

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Young Version: Standing four and a half feet tall, Natasha has braided, shoulder-length auburn hair and slightly olive-toned skin. Her eyes are dark brown, and she glows with youthful vibrancy. She is completely mute, though manages to communicate with some efficiency through body language. Her figure is frail, and agile, and just beginning to hint at the first signs of womanhood. She seems unsure of herself, and becomes easily frustrated if she is unable to clearly express herself to someone.

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Recent History

(From Game Session #2) After the party was ambushed by the bandit gang known as “The Tangled Web” near the Fanged Mountains while following the Mulgarian shoreline southward, Ophylia, who had accepted the charge from the Oracle to see to the safety of the young girl, took the only escape route she could muster. She stripped of her armor, hid her receptacle in the sand on the beach, and her and Natasha swam out into the ocean, presumably to go further down the shoreline away from danger.

After the a long battle between the bandits and the Birthrights, the drown corpse of Natasha washed ashore, and Ophylia’s body goes unaccounted for. After waiting for an additional day, the Birthrights sadly presume she has been lost at sea.

However, some strange happenings (or perhaps hallucinations) have started happening to Aiden, who refused to burry the girl in Mulgarian soil. The man swears that during one evening Natasha’s corpse grabbed him. He also attests that he’s seen evidence that she’s moved from locations where he left her body lying as well as one very disturbing incident where Aiden insists that Natasha awoke suddenly with a gasp, reaching out her arms towards him, with a look of utter terror and agony on her face.

Of course, no one but Aiden has seen any of this, however one fact that none of the Birthrights can deny is that Natasha’s corpses shows absolutely no signs of decay… even many days after the body was discovered.

Aiden continues to carry the body around with him, wrapped in the remnants of his tent, but the party has not yet decided what they will finally do with her. Nor have they even, with the unexpected loss of Ophylia, and the near annihilation of their party by the hands of The Tangled Web, decided if they will continue on the quest that the Great Oracle charged them with.

Biographical History

Natasha is young, frail and completely mute. However, the Oracle seems to believe beyond all doubt that her assistance is a necessity for the quest for the Ninth Receptacle to be successful. Natasha was born into servitude, but as a young girl was purchased by the Oracle from her owners, and raised within the confines of the Temple of Debron.

The girl is known for the uncanny ability to render anything she sees with perfect clarity, including texts, symbols, runes — and this ability has been happily utilized by the Oracle in her additional responsibilities of maintaining the historical archives of the Nine Great Nations. In fact, for the majority of her life, Natasha has never left the library in the temple, but now suddenly the Oracle has thrust her into the middle of a very dangerous outing with no further reasoning other than, “It must be so.”

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(Major NPC) Queen Natasha Ugar

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