(Major NPC) Oracle Queen Ophylia Mallack of Debron

Female Human (Inlander) Fighter/Priestess from the Nation of Debron. Birthright & Crown Queen of Debron, Chosen Great Oracle and High Priestess of Thelessara, and Mother of the Divine Child of Chaos.


Race: Human (Inlander)
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Height: 5’ 3" / Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair/Eyes/Skin: Dark Brown/Hazel/Tanned
Wields: (HA #008) The Longsword, Yhoela
Deity: Was a common follower of Abriliam, but became a devout of the goddess Thelessara upon being chosen by the tenth Divine Receptacle.
Languages: High Common (Inlander Accent) & Nebrailic (Inlander Tongue)

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Standing about five feet tall, Ophylia has sholder-length dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. She’s aged 35 years, and has the fit, tone physique of a well trained soldier. She’s manages to keep an sense of elegance and grace about her, though her every movement is obviously deliberate and planned. She seems to be quite aware of what’s going on around her at all times, and doesn’t seem the sort to be caught off guard easily. She’s an attractive woman despite a large deep scar that runs the length of the left side of her face, and a leather eye patch she wears to conceal her missing right eye that was torn from its socket during battle with the Khwol when she was 30-years old.

Note: After her encounter with Kigmaru, her physical appearance is that of a pregnant woman, nearly full to term.

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Noteworthy Equipment

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Recent History ~ The Struggle of Divine Balance Manifest (Game Session #6)

Upon the murder of the Great Oracle of Debron at the hands of the Lord Lich, Thelachron the Horrid, Ophylia was chosen by the tenth Devine Receptacle to become the next Great Oracle, and high priestess of Thelessara. This made her the first individual in recorded history to wield the power of two receptacles simultaneously. She is The Great Oracle Queen, Birthright of Debron, High Priestess of Thelessara.

She has also been impregnated unwillingly by the dark god, Kigmaru, though a vision from her goddess, Thelessara, she has foreseen a way to purify the soul of her unborn immortal child. The vision was very cryptic, but insinuated there were artifacts of great power located in the ancient ruined temples where the receptacles were first created by the ancients millennia ago, and that these artifacts will enable her to channel the power of Illumina, goddess of light, to balance the darkness of her unborn son’s soul. She is also made aware of the day and hour of her son’s birth, whom it seems must gestate for a period of nearly three years before he will be born.

Recent History ~ Death of a Queen(Game Session #2-5)

(From Game Session #2) After the party was ambushed by the bandit gang known as “The Tangled Web” near the Fanged Mountains while following the Mulgarian shoreline southward, Ophylia, who had accepted the charge from the Oracle to see to the safety of the Seer Natasha, took the only escape route she could muster. She stripped of her armor, hid her receptacle in the sand on the beach, and her and the girl swam out into the ocean, presumably to go further down the shoreline away from danger.

After the a long battle between the bandits and the Birthrights, the drown body of Natasha washed ashore, and Ophylia’s body goes unaccounted for. After waiting for an additional day, the Birthrights sadly presume she has been lost at sea.

It was later discovered that she had been rescued by the crew of the pirate airship, “Titain Scourge” and in turn she commissioned them (with the promise great weath), and formed a friendship with the pirate captain, Jamus Tanis.

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From State of Affairs > About the Birthrights:
Queen Ophylia Mallack of Debron is the only ruling leader of one of the Nine Nations to not have an heir. She has decreed to postpone the searching of a Birthright until at least her first born (if and when she is able to conceive) is given the opportunity to undergo the ritual with the receptical. As such, as of the Campaign Prequel, she is the only Birthright to also be the current leader of a Nation, rather than an heir to one of the thrones.

Biographical History

The only surviving daughter of House Mallack, Ophylia is the daughter of King Gregor Malack IV of Debron, and his wife Queen Essabella Mallack. When she was eight years old, her brother, Allyn Mallack, became the Birthright of Debron, and heir to her father’s throne.

Always the second favorite child of her parents, much attention was paid to her older brother, leaving Ophylia with much time to herself, and unattended. As an extraordinarily cute young woman, she was however a favorite of the soldiers of the Debron High Guard, and she could often be found having snuck into the barracks to spend time with the men she considered her friends. Though nothing inappropriate was taking place, this was much to the ire of the family of House Mallack, but it was allowed since it seemed to keep her occupied, and out of the way of the training and education of Allyn as he was prepared to assume the throne.

She spent her days training with the soldiers, and the evenings drinking and casting lots with them. The men came to love her, and she loved them. It was often whispered among the high guard that it was to their disappointment that her brother would assume the throne, as the men saw him as soft, untrained, and pampered.

In her 25th year, a series of strange events intersected with her fate, and in a single week an attempt had been made on the Kings life by a hired goblin assassin, her brother was murdered by the very same goblin, and her mother was banished to Silverfel without proper reason or accounting of the charges against her. It was said that she was murdered by a band of goblins while in transit to the Elven nation, but in fact, the series of events surrounding that week are, to this day, steeped in mystery, and no trace of her mother was ever found.

As the only surviving heir to the throne, King Gregor immediately allowed Ophylia to partake in the ritual of the Searching, and the receptacle of Debron, the Longsword, Yhoela, appointed her as the new Birthright.

The injury caused to the King during the attempted assassination, though not immediately fatal, was the man’s undoing, as the dagger plunged into his chest, though it missed his heart, was tainted with a slow-acting poison, and within two weeks of his son’s murder, the King himself fell deathly ill, and soon after expired.

Suddenly, an quite unexpectedly, Ophylia found herself as not only the Birthright of her nation, but also Queen and ruler of her people. There were whispers that the girl herself had conspired against her family, and there were attempted challenges to her position. Some of the nobles of the House Mallack insisted that she was too unfinished and hadn’t been properly prepared to rule the nation, and that instead there should be a interim King placed upon the throne until she was ready.

However, Gormil Ignotrine (known as Striker), the captain of the High Guard, and close friend of Ophylia, stood by her side, and publically announced that anyone who wished to remove the rightful Queen from the throne would have to do so in opposition to the High Guard of Debron — There were no further challenges to her title.

In the coming years, guided by Striker’s experience as a leader, Ophylia became the beloved Queen of Debron, friend of the great Oracle, and was even admired by those who once would have seen her dethroned.

The land prospered, and the mysterious events that surrounded the goblin assassins was all but forgotten by most, and ignored by the rest.

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Nine Nations Saga: From Beyond the Shattered Gateway

(Major NPC) Oracle Queen Ophylia Mallack of Debron

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