Prince Aiden Grayson III of Ytaerreth

Human (Northman) Priest of Shamyth from the Nation of Ytaerreth (Played by Terry)

Player: Terry Henry

Race: Human (Northman)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6’ 4" / Weight: 245 lbs.
Hair/Eyes/Skin: Bald(Red)/Blue/Tanned
Wields: The War Hammer, Armatia
Deity: Devout of Shamyth
Languages: High Common (Inlander Accent) & Gaebrailic (Northman Tongue)

Crown Prince of the Nation of Ytaerreth.
Priest of the Holy Temple of the Ytaemara Order, dedication to Shamyth.
Elder Brother & Appointed Teacher to Princess Lissara Grayson, Prince Bynarhd Grayson, and Prince Ugustus Grayson.

Family & Lineage

   Family & Lineage

Father: King Aiden II of Ytaerreth (Age: 60)
Mother: Queen Llawyn Grayson (Age: 48)
Younger Sister: Princess Lissara Grayson (Age: 16)
Younger Brother: Prince Bynarhd Grayson (Age: 15)
Younger Brother: Prince Ugustus Grayson (Age: 5)
Uncle (Mother’s Side): Namian Trull, Duke of Omarak (Age: 42)
Aunt (Uncle’s Wife): Lizbin Trull, Duchess of Omarak (Age: 20)

Biographical History of Aiden III

   Biographical History of Aiden III

Eldest son of King Aiden II, Aiden III was born of a political marriage between the his father’s nation, Ytaerreth, and Oryn, the nation of his mother Llawyn Trull-Grayson. The two nations united to funded the construction of the Taer Canal, which opened the Great Lake of Ytaerreth, and it’s connecting waterways that vein throughout major Nymril, to the Sea of Stars. This canal opened up the largest, most lucrative trade routes to ever have existed, and through their system of tolls for passing ships, the two nations have grown to be two of the most wealthy of the nine nations.

During the construction of the canal, Aiden III was born, and for the sake of it’s continued success, and a blessing upon the union of the two nations, he was dedicated to the Holy Temple of the Ytaemara Order (the official church of Ytaerreth) and to it’s patron god, Shamyth.

Aiden III spent most of his youth at the Temple located in the capital city of Palaceguard, where he was raised by the dedicated monks of the order. He was educated in the ways of the priesthood as well as topics ranging from reading, writing, numbering, history and law. This disconnect from his family led Aiden III to have a very distant demeanor to his father and mother.

During the yearly rains in the season of Awakening, Aiden III would be sent to study with is mother’s brother, Namian at the great Tower of Oryn.

Namian, being the Duke of Omarak, city of the tower, a retired general in the Oryn Militia, and one of the famed Roc riders of Oryn, Aiden III spent these visiting seasons learning the ways of battle, combat, and warfare, as well as riding with his uncle on his great Roc (one of Aiden III’s fondest childhood memories).

In his early teens, during one of his visits to Oryn, Aiden III met a beautiful girl by the name of Lizbin. She was the daughter of a Oryn noble, and Aiden III’s first love. Though she was a few years younger than him, the two were inseparable during his visits, and from year to year, the two fell more and more into favor of one another, until his visit in his eighteenth year, and Lizbin’s fifteenth the two consummated their relationship, the first experience for both of them, and in secret swore to each other to marry when Aiden III’s studies ended at the temple during his twentieth year.

The Festival of Knowing was quickly approaching, and so upon returning from his last visit to Oryn, Aiden III found that, with the birth of his youngest brother, Ugustus that King Aiden II had decided to perform the ritual of Searching so that the Nation would have a Birthright to attend the great Festival. The ritual was performed with the King’s elder children, Bynarhd, Lissara, and Aiden III. The ritual had already been performed on his younger siblings, and only Aiden III remained… yet another testament to the disconnect between father and son.

To his father’s surprise, the Devine Receptacle of Ytaerreth chose Aiden III, and the young man became the nation’s Birthright and heir to the throne. This seemed to be a turning point between father and son, as the King immediately had his sons training at the temple concluded (with passing marks), as he took the boy under his wing and began to teach him the intricacies of being a ruler. Sending him on his first official duty as a Birthright, Aiden III presented himself as the Birthright of Ytaerreth at the Festival of Knowing in the City of Debron.

During the following two years, Aiden III grew much closer with his family, something he had secretly longed for during the previous years of his life spent at the temple. King Aiden II grew exceedingly fond of his son, and impressed with his knowledge in the ways of war, appointed him as guardian over his three younger siblings, charging him to teach them the both the ways of the priest and the ways of the warrior so when they too came of age, they would be able to assist him with ruling the great nation of Ytaerreth. The King feared that a time may come when Ytaerreth may face the same threat that sundered their neighbor, the once great nation of Mulgaria.

These years were good, and with his time preoccupied with teaching his two brothers and sister, Aiden III had little time left to pay visits to Oryn, though he didn’t forget his promise to Lizbin, however she must have… As upon the wane of his 20th birthday, Aiden III received a conscript from Oryn, bearing an official scroll from his Uncle. It was an invitation to his wedding. Namian, whose first wife had died when Aiden III was just a baby, was now to be married to the Lady Lizbin, who in Aiden’s absence had spent a great deal of time with his uncle, and the two fell in love.

The news devastated Aiden III, but performing his diplomatic duty, he attended the wedding of his mother’s brother, and watch his first love grant to her new husband the longing gaze that she had once cast upon his own face. The departure after the wedding ceremony was quick and unannounced, as Aiden III vowed never to speak again to his uncle… and new aunt.

Though heavy hearted, upon returning to his home, Aiden III focused his energies back at the temple where he had grown up, and soon was appointed an official priest of Shamyth by the Holy Ytaemara Order, and vowed that as the god protected that which was holy, that he would one day protect his homelands. And then, one day, while teaching ethics to a group of young acolytes at the temple, Aiden received yet another conscript, this one a priestess traveling from Debron with a message for him from the Great Oracle herself.

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Prince Aiden Grayson III of Ytaerreth

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