Prince Braxus Blackstone of Hohst

Dwarven Cleric from the Nation of Hohst. (Played by Jason)

Player: Jason Hargis

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Character Background Notes: (Added by DM on 10/01/2011)

Syghal Blackstone – Braxus’ Father, Emporer of Hohst, Conqueror of the Southlands

Ruhana Blackstone — Braxus’ Mother, Shieldmaiden of Zaok, Keeper of the Black Stone (heirloom item, non magical, meteoric iron, 10 pound sphere)

Roxnak Blackstone – Braxus’ Grandfather, Former Emperor of Hohst, Appointed guardian of the Blackstone Shrine at the peak of Neverhsadow.

Blackstone Shrine is a round columnar temple that contains a huge obelisk that acts as a “family tree” for the Blackstone line.

Runmar Blackstone – Braxus’ younger brother, general of the Homeguard (elite guard) of Zaok.

The Great Zaok Palace, huge palace in middle of desert, with massive underground town beneath it.


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Nine Nations Saga: From Beyond the Shattered Gateway

Prince Braxus Blackstone of Hohst

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