(Minor NPC) Pandol Panarro {Mystown: Panarro Fine Art Wares (Gem Shop)}

Gnomish Jeweler & Gemshop Owner in the city of Mystown. Owner and proprietor of "Panarro Fine Art Wares".


Male Gnome (Neverslave Free Gnome)

Short, and stubby individual with steel blue eyes, bronze skin, and wiry gray hair. He was garbed in overly long blue robes that drag on the floor behind him. He happily waited on the party, propped up on a stool behind his display counter, in the city of Mystown, where Garyn (alias Derrik) purchased a pearl necklace for his lady friend (a.k.a. 18 pearls for Identify Spells).

He also purchased all the gems and art items the party had found in the Tangled Web hideou at 90% retail value.

He also crafted the “trophy” necklace for Braxus.


Character Note: He seemed to have a difficult time remember names, as he referred to characters by a different name each time he indicated them (even in the same conversation). Though, he seemed able to remember at least the first letter of the name as “Derrik” became, “Doug, Dan, David, Darrith, Darius, Dammel”…

(Minor NPC) Pandol Panarro {Mystown: Panarro Fine Art Wares (Gem Shop)}

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