(Major NPC) Striker

Male Human (Eastsage) Fighter, "Gormil Ignotrine" - Retired Captain of the Debron High Guard, and Close Friend & Personal Guard of Queen Ophylia Mallack of Debron.


Race: Human (Eastsage)
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Height: 5’ 0" / Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair/Eyes/Skin: Black (Receding)/Dark Brown/Olive
Deity: Follower of the Path of Duty
Languages: High Common (Inlander Accent) Nebrailic (Inlander Tongue), & Sageese (Eastsage Tongue).

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Though Striker was born in Debron City to a merchant family, his lineage is obviously from one of the Eastsage houses. He stands only five feet tall, but boasts an incredibly muscled physique. His face, riddled with scars from past battles, he wears his sleek black hair at shoulder length, along with a well-kempt mustache.

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Biographical History

Striker grew up helping with the family business, and assisted his father in becoming one of the premier furriers in all of Debron. His families status helped him in later years as he maintained close contact and business connections with the affluent houses of Debron.

In his youth, Striker made a name for himself during the Orc Wars. He enlisted in the main infantry when he was fifteen years old, and showed uncanny prowess on the battlefield. He rose quickly in rank. By the time he was twenty five, and the Nation of Debon had won the war against the orc tribes, he was awarded by the King with the position of Captain of the High Guard, and charged with the duty of protecting the capital city during Khwol outbreaks and the few orcish skirmishes that still occur from time to time.

When the King of Debron died, and the Prince was murdered, Striker retired as Captain of the High Guard to become Ophylia’s body guard as she ascended to the crown of the Nation of Debron. He has rarely left her side in public since.

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(Major NPC) Striker

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