(Minor NPC) Malforan Tulur Ganthis (Mal the Merchant)

Merchant the party met while traveling through the Great Veil towards Mystown.


Male Human (Inlander)
Extremely overweight and quite rotund. Malforan stands about six feet tall, is an extraordinarily hairy man, and reeks of stale garlic. His hair is dark brown, and match his beady, brow-laden eyes. His deep, bellowing voice match his demeanor of a sort of crude friendliness. He is a businessman, and a shrewd one at that. He garbs himself in fine silks and noble garb of vibrant colors: pink, green, yellow, cyan (though he obviously isn’t remotely of noble descent).


Mal (as he is nick-named by Vaynard) keeps a caravan consisting of a train of 5 rickety wagons, the lead wagon pulled by four fine steeds, the later four pulled by dual pack horses. His staff consists of 15 human commoners. Each of the wagons can be adjusted into a makeshift merchants display, and his cargo consisted of mostly foodstuffs such as picked meat, wheat, flour, dried fruits, and kegged ale.

The Birthrights met up with Mal on the road to Mystown, where they paid him a gold piece to accompany the caravan into the city (sort of a makeshift disguise for their arrival).

Through conversation the party discovers that Mal makes his rounds from his home in the City of Debron to most the major cities in Ytaerreth about every six months or so, and that after a week or so in Mystown the marchant caravan would continue to Palaceguard and then a week later to The Great City.

(Minor NPC) Malforan Tulur Ganthis (Mal the Merchant)

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