(Major NPC) Mila of Ancientwood [Familiar of Garyn Dorn]

Female Farie (Familiar of Garyn Dorn)

Player: Chris Wright

Race: Fey of Air (Farie)
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 8.5" / Weight: less than 1 lbs.
Hair/Eyes/Skin: Brown/Hazel/Tanned
Deity: Follower of Vina, Goddess of Fey (Lesser Immortal/Local Spirit in Silverfel)
Languages: High Common (Heavy Fey Accent), Feyspeak, High Elven, and Sylvan.

Special OOC Note: Chris, player of Garyn Dorn, made a special request of the DM to have his familiar be a sentient being. Specifically a farie. After some discussion, the option was offered to him at the cost of all his remaining Luck Draws. Mila will be played as a familiar, however the DM reserves the right to assume her personality at any time for RP purposes, as was agreed upon when she was created on 04/26/2011.

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Standing little more than half a foot tall, Mila has the perfectly proportionate body of a slender female elf. She has wind-swept brown hair with a very slight greenish-blue tint. Her wide eyes are hazel and her skin boasts a vibrant golden tan. She touts a few faint tattoos that represent her family and heritage. Like most other faries, since her primary mode of travel is flying, Mila is almost always in the nude as her tiny translucent wings cannot carry much more than her own body weight.

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Biographical History

Hailing from the famous (among Fey) Ancientwood family of faries, Mila grew up in a privileged life. Though the Fey do not have royalty as the common races of the Nine Nations know it, if they did, Mila would be considered crown princess of that “farie kingdom”. Her father, Albright of Ancientwood, serves at the station of air for the lunar rituals conducted by the Fey in honor of their Goddess, Vina.

Mila and Garyn Dorn have had an ongoing history that long predated her becoming his familiar. The two met for the first time when the father and sons of House Dorn, including Garyn as a lad of twelve years aged, made diplomatic visit to Feyland in the south of the Nation they ruled. The visit was mostly at the request of King Ymasith himself — a notorious ladies man, and reputed fan of the beautiful women of the many Fey races (dryads, nymps, and pixies in particular).

While on the visit to her home, a very young Mila met Garyn, and the two became fast friends, spending nearly the whole trip at each others sides, playing in the forest. Mila, naturally adept at minor arcane magic herself, was surprised to see that Garyn too seemed to have a natural link to the arcane.

After the diplomatic meeting was completed, and the King had had satiated his secret lusts for Fey women, the father and his three sons parted to return to their home in Urgrail City.

Mila and Garyn did not meet again for a long while. However, two years later she heard news that Garyn was to undergo the ritual of The Searching, as his two older brothers had not been chosen by the nations divine receptacle. She decided that she must pay her old friend a visit, and show her support for him.

Garyn was very pleased to once again see the farie, who in the past few years had grown from the little girl in his memories to a rather attractive young adult. The two reacquainted in the days leading up to The Searching, and found that their friendship had not waned.

On the day of the ritual, Mila stood watch at the front of the surrounding crowd as Garyn approached the King, who held out the Lance, Anahita, to his son to test his worthiness. Wrought with nervousness, the boys natural, unrefined link to the arcane suddenly flared sending a burst of light in all directions. Garyn stumbled back, startled, as the crowd gasped in dismay. Seeing her friend in distress, Mila quickly flew to his shoulder and placed her arms around his neck, whispering assurances in an attempt to calm him. However, just as Mila’s hands touched Garyn, his hands grasped the Lance, and then something unheard of happened.

The lance glowed intently and the King stumbled to his knees as the link between former owner and receptacle were broken for the first time in three decades. Likewise, Garyn fell to his knees rising the Lance skyward as his mind filled with thoughts and emotions that were not his own.

But, it became obvious that more than just a binding of receptacle to Birthright had occurred, as Mila too, fell limp as parts of her mind merged with her friend’s. Driven by the divine binding force of the lance, Garyn and Mila found themselves also bound to one another in a closeness that surpassed that known by any sibling, lover, or blood relative. Garyn shared with Mila, the same empathy he now shared with Anahita, just as she too now shared that same empathy with him.

On that day, Garyn became the Birthright and heir to the Nation of Silverfel, and the two friends became forever inseparable. In time the two discovered that the link they share , though many times more powerful and overwhelming, almost exactly mimics the relationship between other sorcerers and their familiars.

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(Major NPC) Mila of Ancientwood [Familiar of Garyn Dorn]

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