(Major NPC) Sir Vandermort Goanhime

Undead Knight of the Mulgarian Temple Knighthood (NPC/PC Played by Cameron Hall)

Player: Cameron Hall

Race: Human (Northman) Ghost
Gender: Male
Age: 36 at time of death (3420 CE)
Height: 6.2" / Weight: N/A
Hair/Eyes/Skin: Red/Green/Pale
Deity: Follower of Bryth, Hero of Mulgar (Lesser Immortal/Local Spirit in Mulgaria)
Languages: High Common (Heavy Northman Accent), and Gaebal (Northman Tongue)

Special OOC Note: Technically, Vandermort is an NPC, however his role will be assumed by Cameron Hall when he is on leave from the Army, and available to play.

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Biographical History

After the Mulgarian Cry , one of the last few remnants of Mulgarian civilization were the Mulgarian Knights.

Housed in the Temple of Bryth, the Knighthood dedicated themselves to the ideas of honor and duty associated with the legendary hero Bryth of Mulgar. The order consisted of 30 knights, and the temple and surrounding village housed the knights, a few merchants, and their families.

Too far south to be effected by the massive Khwol attack on Mulgar in the year 3420 CE, the brave knights were also some of the last in the Nation to be aware that such an attack had happened. They immediately went into action, riding off to the capitol city, but of course, they were far too late.

While sifting through the rubble and carnage of the devastated city they found no survivors of the attack. However, they did discover, in the grand hall of the great Mulgar palace, a group of five necromancers, and their lich leader. They were horrified to discover than the cult was converting the ripped and writhed corpses of the dead into a rather large contingent of undead minions to serve the lord lich.

After a long seige on the temple, the Knights managed to fight their way though many of the undead, and even slay the cult of necromancers. However, the lord lich proved to be too powerful of an adversary, and all but Sir Vandermort were slain. Realizing that their engagement had failed, and that the lich would simply recruit new eager necromancers to do his bidding, the knight made the decision to flee southward, to warn the families housed near the temple, and guide them to safety.

Unfortunately for Vandermort, the lich was all too aware of his survival, as he had allowed him to live, hoping the knight would lead him directly to the source of the knight warriors who had attacked him and his minions, and slain his followers.

No sooner than had the knight returned to his home village, he realized the mistake he had made, and that the lord lich had followed him directly to the now defenseless people of the temple village. A massive horde of undead quickly overran the village, killing all but the Vandermort himself, who the Lich, out of anger due to the attack from the knights, was saving for an especially horrorible fate.

Defeated and nearly too weak to move, the lord lich forced Vandermort to watch him convert the people of the village into his own undead minions. This included the knight’s own wife and daughter, who the lich then took as his own two concubines.

After forcing Vandermort to watch him make use of his wife and daughter as his personal playthings, he then turned his attention to Vandermort. Directing the man’s now undead wife to tear his throat out with her own teeth. As the lifeblood drained from the knight, the lord lich cast a spell of dark magic that bound the man’s spirit into the idol medallion worn by the statue of Bryth in the temple.

Afterwards, the lich left Vandermort’s greaving, ghostly form standing alone, and followed by the undead minions who had accompanied him, traveled northward again. The lich lord likely returned to the city of Mulgar where there were literally tens of thousands of corpses that could be harvested by his evil magic.

He was now cursed, one of the undead, but of his own mind and will, the binding magic of the lord lich would not allow his soul to transcend into the afterlife, nor would it allow him to venture a far distance from the relic he was now bound to. He was forced to watch his former family and friends to roam about the ruined village and temple as mindless undead, often feasting upon themselves, or any living creature that happened to be unlucky enough to pass into the area.

Mechanics Note: Vandermort is an eitheral ghost. Technically he is undead and of Nuetral Good alignment. All spells that affect the undead have effect on him. His soul is permenantly bound to the medallion idol. He cannot venture further than 1000 ft. from the medallion. If the medallion is somehow covered, or placed in a space that cannot fit his form, he simply has no form until the medallion is moved elsewhere. Also, he cannot touch the medallion. If the medallion idol comes into contact with his form, Vandermort is forced into a state where he has no form and cannot interact with the physical world for 6d4 hours. If his hit points reach -10 (or he is turned), then he is also forced into this same state, but for 1d6 weeks.]

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(Major NPC) Sir Vandermort Goanhime

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