Campaign of the Month: June 2011

Shattered Gateway (Hiatus) ~ CotM Award JUNE 2011

Game Session #7 (Chapter 2)

VI. Divine Struggle & The Child of Chaos
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Points of Interest

   Points of Interest

Coming soon…

A detailed account of the events that occurred during this game session will be written as soon as possible. Until that time, please refer to the Points of Interest above.

Runes & Pictographs

The stone walls of the corridors and chambers behind the Altar of Illumina in the Ruined Temple of Mordav are covered with mysterious runes and repeating pictographs. Among these runes, the party discovered a standard repeating pictogram design as well as three unique variations located in three of the rooms in the dungeon. Braxus, using his knowledge of stonework, determined that the etchings are very ancient, and the primitive quality suggests they were not crafted by the same skilled hands who built the complex. Below is a visual reference of these pictographs:

Primitive Stone-Etched Runes located in the Ruined Temple of Mordav

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Technical Notes for Game Session #7

Playtime: 7:00 PM CST – 5:00 AM CST (10.0 Hours)

OOC Notes: Campaign night was attended by Chris, Terry, Jason, Aaron, and Brian. Food (Quiznos) provided by Justin. Snack Table restocked by Jason, Aaron, and Chris. Additional drinks brought by Terry. Good deal spotted by Brian, and Justin bought 120 cans of drink for $1/6 Pack. :)

Experience Points Awarded: 1,000 EXP to Aiden, Braxus, Garyn, Vaynard, and Xing for solving some of the puzzles in the temple complex. [ EXP Log ]

Player Points Awarded: Recalibration of Player Points (Brings Everyone up-to-date as of Game Session #7):

Player Points Recalibration Details Table

Luck Draws: Aaron (1) for an assured hit the Thelessaran Knight in the illusionary battle in the sarcophagus room.

PP Purchases: Aaron spent 2000 Player Ponts for Additional Level Up option for Vaynard.



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