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Shattered Gateway (Hiatus) ~ CotM Award JUNE 2011

Game Session #6 (Chapter 1)

VI. Divine Struggle & The Child of Chaos
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Points of Interest

   Points of Interest

  • Braxus, Vaynard, Xing and Natasha, after battling the Curse Daemon, take a nights rest by setting camp. During the night they hear two horsemen approaching. They find out it’s Tradak and Pel who are trying to catch up with them. Pel boasts a new clockwork-mechanical hand (crafted by the gnomish inventor Bongle Dondarini, in Northport) replacing the appendage she had lost at the Temple Village in Mulgaria. the party discussing the events that have transpired over the past many days before turning in for the evening. In the morning, they start the last half of their journey to Palaceguard to meet up with Aiden, who had parted several days earlier to speak with his father, the King of Ytaerreth.
  • Upon reaching Palaceguard at nightfall, the party finds they are being followed by eight robed figures on horseback. They figures keep equal pace with them, but do not approach. Once they reach the city, the riders turn back. The party assumes they are more dark elves.
  • After informing the soldiers in Palaceguard of who they are they are allowed in and the party is reunited with Aiden, who has spent several days in council with his father. He discovered that there has been no additional news of any activity involving dark elves, and Aiden is warned by his father to be wary of his actions as they reflect upon the nation as a whole.
  • The party spends a few days in Palaceguard, and Aiden affirms with his father that Natasha will become a “part of the family” as so far as having a safe place to stay and becoming his student and studying with Aiden’s younger siblings. Of course, Natasha insists on returning to Debron to meet with the Great Oracle, and inform her of the new arrangements, and seek guidance on her new responsibilities as the Birthright and Queen of Mulgaria, a fallen nation.
  • The party makes their way southward for two relatively uneventful days until their reach the river crossings in southern Ytaerreth. There the encounter the site of thousands of well armed artificers marking from southeast to northwest. The column, two-to-three men wide stretches from horizon to horizon.
  • At first the adventurers are apprehensive about approaching the Artificers, but eventually move forward to meet them. At first the Birthrights try to hide their identities as they approach the artificers, but once approached by an obvious authority on horseback who introduces himself as Alrythis Torqin (an artificer of the commander rank within the Arcane Council), Xing, unexpectedly to the rest of the party, introduces himself and them as the Birthrights and explains they are making way to Debron on important business.
  • After a bit of conversation with Alrythis, the party discovers that the Arcane Council has answered the call for aid from the Nation of Highguard, whose fortune has continued to falter in the Highguard Orc Wars. This troubles Vaynard, but he speaks little of it. The commander offers to use arcane magic to teleport the party to the City of Debron, and reluctantly the Birthrights agree since it will shorten their journey be several days. The commander calls on several of his fellow artificers, who gather around the party in a circle and begin to chant. Moments later, after a bright flash, the party finds themselves standing merely yards from the southern gates of their destination.
  • The party makes their way to Debron Castle, where they meet up with Striker, and discover that he did indeed find Ophylia. He discovered her unconscious on the beach in Mulgaria, not far from where the characters told him she had entered the sea. And though he was unable to revive her himself, with the aid of medicus and the royal apothecary, the queen is awake and now resting in her bed chambers.
  • The party is immediately led into the castle by Striker who takes them to Ophylia’s chambers where she lies, awake, but very weak in her bed. No sooner than entering the room, Natasha rushes forward to embrace her friend and once protector, whom she had assumed dead and greets her by shouting her name.

[Foreshadowing Note from the DM: No one in the party noticed that Ophylia took no special notice of Natasha being able to speak… which should have hinted that something was not right since Natasha only gained her voice again after being reawakened in the Necropolis, long after Ophylia’s disappearance.]

  • The party informs Ophylia of events in her absence, including the apparent non-death and reawakening of Natasha, the gathering of the ninth receptacle, and Natasha ascending to become birthright and rightful queen of Mulgaria, their encounters with the dark elves, and the marching of the artificers. They return her divine receptacle, but find that she is barely strong enough to carry it, and cannot walk on her own. However, with some assistance from the Birthrights, she manages to her feat and carries the sword at her side. They make haste to the Temple of Debron to tell the Oracle about their quest, and inform her that they have completed it.
  • The party, now reunited, make way to the Temple of Debron, trying to be careful to avoid crowds since Ophylia states that she doesn’t wish for her people to see her in a weakened state. And upon arriving at the temple, they are Greeted by the Great Oracle, who invites them all in. They take seat in the temples central tower, sitting in a circle and recant their adventurous tale in full to the Oracle. The woman apologizes to them about deceiving them, but informs them, as they had now suspected, that Natasha was the young unconscious girl that had been presented at the temple five years earlier by the refugee survivors of the Fall of Mulgaria. She in fact had not been killed by the Kwhol attack, but whisked into hiding by the Oracle herself, who had foreseen her importance in other visions.
  • The Oracle also shares disturbing news that she has had another vision, this one even confusing to herself as in her vision she saw dark clouds over the temple of Debron, which was surrounded by demons. In this vision she saw a mysterious woman in full armor defending against the demons and in opposition of Ophylia, who in the vision was assaulting the temple, several dead priestesses at her feet.
  • The vision troubles everyone, but none more so that Ophylia who expresses disbelief that she would ever do anything to harm her own people. And then Aiden, for the first time openly shared the vision he had been given weeks earlier during prayer: He found himself on his back wracked with pain, riddled with arrows (a literal pin cushion), and surrounded by darkly robed figures as dark clouds swirled overhead. In his vision a sole individual stood guard over him, protecting him from the dark figures surrounding them — a woman, in shiny silver armor, who he expresses appeared to be Natasha, but when the girl was a woman and many years older.
  • The party leaves Ophylia and the Oracle to discuss the vision, as the queen seems distraught at even the thought that the Oracles vision reflected her in a dark light. They make their way back the castle, where, upon their request, Striker leads them to a conference chamber. Striker departs, to check in the with the city guard, and inform them that they need to be on watch for dark elves, and groups of robed figures. Upon Aiden’s request, Natasha is outfitted for armor (leather) and the party discusses the events that have transpired over the past many weeks in an attempt to establish if they have truly completed their quest, or if something was missed that has lead to the Oracles new vision.
  • During their meeting Natasha arrives wearing her newly fitted studded leather bodysuit, and brandishing her greatsword receptacle, quite happy to now look more prepared to be in the company of her adventurer friends. Not soon after her arrival the party takes note of the sound of loud celebratory cheers emanating from the city streets outside.

More coming soon (DM ran out of time to finish posting)…

A detailed account of the events that occurred during this game session will be written as soon as possible. Until that time, please refer to the Points of Interest above.

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Technical Notes for Game Session #6

Playtime: 7:30 PM CST – 3:30 AM CST (8.0 Hours)

OOC Notes: Campaign night was attended by Richie (First Half), Terry, Jason, Chris (Second Half), Aaron and Brian. Food (Pizza Hut Pizza, Potato Wedges & Ceesesticks) provided by Justin. Additional snacks by Richie, Brian, and Terry. Terry showed up about an hour early to RP out the meeting of Aiden with his father in Palaceguard while the rest of the party was in Mystown.

Experience Points Awarded: 9,360 EXP to Tradak, Aiden, Braxus, Vaynard, and Xing. Additional 1,000 EXP was earned by all active characters for wrapping up Chapter I of the campaign.[ EXP Log ]

Player Points Awarded: See Notes for Game Session #7.

Luck Draws: Braxus (1) for an assured hit against the Lord Lich. Vaynard (1) for an assured hit against Kigamaru.



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