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Shattered Gateway (Hiatus) ~ CotM Award JUNE 2011

V. Dark Elf Ambush & The Veiled City
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Points of Interest

   Points of Interest

  • Having passed through the portal to the northwestern Mulgarian beach after Natasha used the Lord Lich’s staff to escape the depths of the necropolis in the ruined city of Mulgar, the party travels northward, back towards the stone gate where they left their contingents of escort guards a few weeks back.
  • While camping at the edge of the forest near the beachline, during the night, the Birthrights observe, but do not interact with several groups of strange “robed” figures that casually make their way down the beach line from north to south. This doesn’t seem overly strange, until one of the groups is “buzzed” by a large black shape (the size of “a small tavern”) flying overhead. The birthrights cannot make out the shape, but decide that it is apart of the strange parties moving south as the figures take notice, but no action as the figure flies by at incredible speed.
  • The Tanitutian halfling guards are gone, as are the Debronian contingent. The remaining guards inform the Birthrights that several days back Tradak and an injured Pel arrived, and took the halfling guards northward towards the city of Northport to seek aid for the gnome’s injuries. They also learn that a few days before that, Striker arrive with Ophylia, who was unconcious and could not be roused. He, and the guards from Debron, make haste and depart for their home. Striker leaves a message for the Birthrights that he’s taking the Queen to the Oracle to seek assistance and discover why the woman will not wake.
  • The party decides to follow Striker’s lead, departing the gate and headed westward to the city of Mystown. While at the gate they notice, once again, the strange burst and trails of fire on the Fanged Mountain Range in the distance. They note that the fiery mystery seems to originate from the far side of the mountain, and is only seen when it rises higher than the tallest peaks of the mountains. Garyn also commands the elven guards to keep watch for the faerie, Mila (who was left back outside the ruins of Mulgar watching horses and equipment that had been stashed), and inform her of their travels should she arrive.
  • Within the Great Veil, surrounded by swamp the party makes their way through the seven day journey to the city of Mystown. On their third day of travel, they encounter a strange dark elf man. The individual seems insane, as he continues to thrust a dagger into himself, and babbles unintelligibly about being the brother of Aiden, Prince who was eaten by a dragon. When the party approaches him, they see he sits on a pile of treasure, gold, and what appear to be wands and rods in a half-open sack. The man holds the dagger to his own throat as the party approaches, and with his other hand begins digging through the sack until he retrieves a wand.
  • Assuming the dark elf man is about to attack, the party bum rushes him, and Xing grapples the mans arm holding the wand. Suddenly the figure vanishes into thin air, leaving behind only a melon-sized red crystal that pulsates with red light from within. The pulsating becomes quicker and the crystal explodes in a fireball, scattering the party.
  • The man was an illusionary trap, and upon setting it off, the party of six dark elves (five robed male figure, and a female figure in stark white full plate) attack the party. The five men appear to be mages, and have a strange spell that causes their target’s body to grow weak and unable to move. This nearly wipes out the party, but narrowly they manage to prevail. In the end, the party kills the female and two of the males, before the remaining three make a hasty retreat with some sort of teleportation spell. While searching the dead dark elves, the party finds a substantial stash of magical items, and it’s decided that the robes the men wear are exactly like those of the figures on the beach in Mulgaria.
  • The remainder of the trip to Mystown is uneventful, and the party meets up with Mal the Merchant on the main road to Mystown, just about an hour away from the city. The birthrights pay the man 1 gold piece to accompany his merchant caravan to the city, assuming it may make a good disguise for their arrival (just to be on the safe side).
  • Once arriving at Mystown, Aiden decides he’s going to part with the party temporarily, but will catch up with them again on the road to Debron. He departs for Palaceguard to speak with his father and royal advisers to find out news about these “dark elves” that seem to be passing through the their Nation.
  • The rest of the party remains in Mystown for a few days recovering from the engagement with the dark elves, and selling off gems and treasure items. They also utilize the time to have Garyn identify several of the magical items they have recovered during their adventure. They character take up residence at the “Foggy Shant Inn & Tavern” for the few days they remain in the city.
  • After three days, the party departs from Mystown taking the southwestern road towards Palaceguard (two days away on horseback) in order to meet up with Aiden once more. During the first night camping Garyn identifies a few remaining potions, and discovers one is a tincture of cure poisons and diseases. The sorcerer postulates that the potion may be able to remove the Lord Lich’s poison coursing through Vaynard’s veins, and of course the paladin quickly agrees to drink the potion.
  • After drinking the potion, Vaynard can feel a sharp pain through his body (the poison is cured), however he begins to choke violently as something becomes hung in his throat. Moments later he begins to choke up a wiggling tentacle from within. The tentacle quickly grows into several, and they continue to grow until they take on a humanoid shape. Suddenly the part finds themselves face to face with an Undead Daemon who immediately engages them. During the second volley of attack, the daemon sprouts a pair of large leathery wings and takes flight. His combat style seems to be to try and grapple targets, rising high into the sky, dropping them to their deaths.
  • After it’s heavily injured during the battle, Xing is taken skyward by the creature, who rises with the monk to a height of 800-feet. The daemon struggles with its query until finally head butting him into unconsciousness. The daemon then drops the monk, and flies off into the distance escaping. With little time to act as their comrade falls, Braxus and Garyn devise a plan to rescue him. First, they use a wand of fly that they had gathered from the dark elves belongings, but once used on Braxus, the dwarf found it awkward to fly, and would be unable to make it to the falling monk.
  • As a last ditch effort, Garyn uses the Lord Lich’s staff to open a portal high in the air beneath Xing, and anchors the other side of the portal just a few feet of the ground. The reduced falling distance does indeed save the monk’s life, however upon activating the staff, an unexpected side effect happens: Garyn (and the staff) both vanish. The remaining party assumes that he has been teleported back to the necropolis and set camp to recover from their engagement and hatch a plot to somehow discern the location of Garyn and rescue him.

A detailed account of the events that occurred during this game session will be written as soon as possible. Until that time, please refer to the Points of Interest above.

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Technical Notes for Game Session #5

Playtime: 9:00 PM CST – 4:30 AM CST (7.5 Hours)

OOC Notes: Campaign night was attended by Terry (First Half), Jason, Chris, Aaron and Brian. Food (Pizza Hut Pizza & Potato Wedges) provided by Justin. Snack table provided by Justin. Additional snacks provided by Richie (who showed up an hour before the game session, but couldn’t stay due to family obligations).

Experience Points Awarded: 5,400 to Aiden, Braxus, Vaynard, Garyn and Xing. [ EXP Log ]

Player Points Awarded: A flat 400 points were awarded to all players. An additional 50 were awarded to Braxus, Vaynard, Garyn and Xing for creativity during the engagement with the Curse Daemon.



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