Campaign of the Month: June 2011

Shattered Gateway (Hiatus) ~ CotM Award JUNE 2011

IV. Penetrating the Necropolis
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A detailed account of the events that occurred during this game session will be written as soon as possible. Until that time, please refer to the Points of Interest above.

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Technical Notes for Game Session #4

Playtime: 6:00 PM CST – 3:30 AM CST (9.5 Hours)

OOC Notes: Campaign night was attended by Terry, Jason, Aaron, Chris, Brian, and Zach. Zach left halfway throught the game session and will not be returning (He decided that he only likes hack-and-slash campaigns, and this camapgin “felt too much like work” to him). Food (Pizza-Hut pizza) provided by Justin. Crazy Bread provided by Brian. Additional snacks for the snack table brought by Chris (a Huge batch of snacks), Terry, Jason, and Aaron. Also, Chris arrived a few hours early and helped me to get the game room prepped.

Experience Points Awarded: 5,550 to Aiden, Braxus, Tradak, Vaynard, and Xing, and 1,200 to Vawn. [ EXP Log ]

Player Points Awarded: Aiden (425), Braxus (425), Vaynard (425), Garyn (625), Xing (425), Vawn (100). 100 awarded to all for attendance. Aiden, Braxus, Vaynard, Garyn, and Xing were awarded an additional 250 for completing the first part of their quest (obtaining the ninth receptical, restoring the bloodline of the House of Ugar). An additional 150 awarded to Garyn for Chris bringing a ton of snacks and showing up early to setup. Aiden, Braxus, Vaynard, Garyn, and Xing also were awarded 75 each for solving the puzzle of Natasha and bringing her back from beyond. An additional 50 was awarded to Garyn for gathering the proper information about the “Gateway”.

Luck Draws: Aiden (1), Vaynard (1), Xing (2).

Treasure Discovered: To view the treasure discovered Click Here.



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