Campaign of the Month: June 2011

Shattered Gateway (Hiatus) ~ CotM Award JUNE 2011


Adventure Days 7 – 9

A detailed account of the events that occurred during this game session will be written as soon as possible. Until that time, please refer to the Points of Interest above.

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Technical Notes for Game Session #3

Playtime: 6:00 PM CST – 2:30 AM CST (8.5 Hours)

OOC Notes: Campaign night was attended by Terry, Jason, Richie, Brian, Zach and Cameron. Chris showed up for the last 1/5th of campaign. Food (giant meat tray, bread and condiments) provided by Terry. Snack table provided by Justin. Additional snacks provided by Richie and Jason.

Experience Points Awarded: 3,300 to Aiden, Braxus, Tradak, Vawn, and Xing. [ EXP Log ]

Player Points Awarded: Aiden (400), Braxus (400), Tradak (375), Vawn (200), Xing (200). 100 awarded to all for attendance, as well as 100 awarded to all for following through on their promise to the ghost knight, Sir Vandermort Goanhime. 200 awarded to Terry for buying and bringing the massive meat tray, and showing up early and helping to clean up/setup for the game. 25 Awarded to Braxus for (Jason) being honest about the abilities of his spell effects, even though it was detrimental to his plan. 150 awarded to Tradak for (Richie) actually defining sound clips of his instruments for each of his bardic spells, and another 25 for knowing the deities and praying to them by name in a time of need. 100 Player Point attendance bonuses were awarded for this game session to Jason, Terry and Zach.

Bonus Player Points: ( For updating Player Bios ): Vaynard (200), Tradak (200), Aiden (200), Braxus (200).

Treasure Discovered: To view the treasure discovered Click Here.



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