Campaign of the Month: June 2011

Shattered Gateway (Hiatus) ~ CotM Award JUNE 2011


Adventure Days 1 – 6

Having made their way in secret to the Stone Gate from their respective homes, the Birthrights, Aiden, Braxus, Xing, Garyn (accompanied by his farie companion, Mila), Tradak (accompanied by his gnomish slave girl, Pel), Vawn and Queen Ophylia (accompanied by her bodyguard Striker, and a young mute girl by the name of Natasha) find themselves meeting up the night before the appointed full moon that signifies the beginning of their quest.

Ophylia explains that the Oracle insisted the girl accompany them on their quest, and insinuated that both their lives and the success of the quest depended on her company, though she is but a girl, cannot speak, and has spent the majority of her life as a scribe in the Oracle’s temple.

Xing introduces himself, explaining that he had missed the festival meeting five years early due to a merchant revolt and subsequent lockdown of his city as they rioted against the Arcane Council. Unfortunately, still missing from this meeting is the Birthright, Vaynard, from the Nation of Highguard. This is considered a bad omen by all, but when the man has still not arrived by the passing of the appointed time the group decides to continue with their quest. Ophylia leaves her bodyguard, Striker, at the Stone Gate in case the missing Birthright should arrive later.

Passing through the Stone Gate, the party follows the westernmost beach of Mulgaria along the shoreline of the Sea of Shalh & Bryth. But very soon the party already finds itself in danger as they notice they are being tracked by bandits.

The bandits, actually far greater in number than suspected, ambush the party and demand that they surrender all of their valuables to them. When the party doesn’t comply with their demands the bandits engage the Birthrights to instead take by force what they want.

Sorely outnumbered, a long and bloody battle ensues, and Xing, Tradak, Garyn and Pel are bested and captured by the bandits, who quickly realize who they are, and decide to hold them, and their Divine Receptacles for ransom.

During the conflict, Ophylia decided she must protect Natasha, and loosening and dropping her gear on the beach, escorts the girl out into the water (apparently with the intent to swim up the shoreline to safety while the bandits were engaged with the rest of the party). However, after the battle, the remaining un-captured Birthrights can find no sign of the Queen except for her gear, and soon discover the drown corpse of Natasha washed ashore on the beach. They search frantically, but eventually come to the conclusion that both have drown and that Ophylia was lost to the sea.

After an evening of rest from the deadly battle, the party tracks the bandits northeastward towards the Fanged Mountains. However, the night is not without incident as during his watch, Aiden (who had carefully wrapped the body of Natasha in the fabric of his tent) was nearly scared out of his wits when the girl seemingly awoke from the dead momentarily to grab his hand. Though no one believes him, there are several instances over the next few days that similar events happen, though only to Aiden, and never observed by any of the other Birthrights, who seem to ponder whether or not the man has lost his mind.

In a subsequent reconnaissance mission, while the Birthrights try to devise a way to free their captured allies, Vawn is also captured, leaving only Aiden and Braxus, aided by the tiny Mila to somehow rescue their friends. In a last hopeless attempt, the three decide on a direct assault on the bandit’s mountain cave hideout. Miraculously, this offensive action succeeds, and though difficult, the three manage to fight their way through the bulk of the bandits, rescue their friends, and push back the bandit leader into the gang’s vault. However, in yet another turn of fate in their favor, Iona, the bandit leaders “girlfriend,” backstabs him while in the vault, murdering him, and offering her action as proof to the pursuing Birthrights that she is “on their side” and only wishes to survive.

Though no one trusts her, Garyn vouches for her, and to everyone’s dismay accompanies her back to the bed chambers of the former bandit leader. The half-elf prince has his way with the woman (quite loudly) while the rest of the party sets camp in the vault of the now abandoned bandit hideout for the evening. From the horses of the now slain bandits, each party member selects on warhorse as a primary mount, and another to be used as a pack animal.

In the morning, neither Iona or Garyn can be found, and to the dismay of Mila, her empathic link to him seems to have been severed. The party waits a day for his return. However, with no signs of a struggle, his gear missing, and two horses missing from the lot captured, the Birthrights assume that Garyn left of his own accord for some reason, and eventually decide to return to the beach to see if perhaps Ophylia’s body has washed ashore, with the instant Aiden vowing to return her (and Natasha) to her homeland to be buried. Mila, however, refuses to give up on the search for her friend, and parts ways with the party to continue to scan the mountain-side and surrounding area for Garyn.

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Technical Notes for Game Session #2

Playtime: 6:00 PM CST – 2:30 AM CST (8.5 Hours)

OOC Notes: Campaign night was attended by Chris, Zach, Brian, Jason, Terry, and Richie. Zach showed up early to help with game room setup, and pizza and breadsticks, snacks and drinks were provided by Justin (with $5 donations from Brian and Terry). Richie also provided snacks.

Experience Points Awarded: 5,807 to Garyn, Vawn, Braxus, Tradak, Xing and Aiden. [ EXP Log ]

Player Points Awarded: Gayrn (275), Vawn (150), Braxus (225), Aiden (275), Tradak (225), Xing (175). 100 awarded to all for attendance, 50 awarded to all for DM mistake on the Receptacles, 75 awarded to Garyn, Aiden, Tradak, and Braxus for exceptional role playing, 50 awarded to Aiden for working around the lack of a combination for the lock, 25 awarded to Xing for creative combat role, and 50 awarded to Garyn for continuing his in-character journal.

Treasure Discovered: To view the treasure discovered Click Here.



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