Campaign of the Month: June 2011

Shattered Gateway (Hiatus) ~ CotM Award JUNE 2011

Game Session #1 (Chapter 1 Prequel)

The Festival of Knowing.


Taking place five years before the divine quest beings, the prequel takes us back to the days of the Festival of Knowing in the City of Debron, capitol city of the Nation of Debron, where six of the eight Birthrights first meet.

The festival is a celebration of the Unification of the Nine Nations, and is held once every twenty years. It is by far the most important holiday festival anticipated by all the peoples of the lands. The apex of the festival is a visit from the Birthrights, who have come to hear the song of the Oracle of Debron as she foretells the fortune of the world for the following two decades.

The Birthrights are housed in a very special building known as the Corpus Karpium. The building is a sacred place, filled with riches that is reserved solely for use by Birthrights when they come to visit the Nation of Debron. The servants of the Corpus Karpium tend to the every whim of the Birthrights, and no expense is spared from bathing to feasting to entertainment.

All goes well, and everyone thoroughly enjoys themselves, at the Festival of Knowing, until the last day. During the Birthrights’ apex visit with the Oracle, news comes via a caravan of bloodied survivors that the Nation of Mulgaria has come under a massive Khwol attack, and that their King has been killed. In this group of refugee survivors is a young unconscious girl of about eight years, who as it turns out, is the daughter and only child of Solomon, the Mulgarian King. Or, more correctly, more likely than not, the new Crown Queen of Mulgaria.

Suddenly, as the refugees explain the horrors of their experiences, the City of Debron, and the festival gathering are also attacked by Khwol. Many, many are killed. Among those to loose their lives are most of the refugees, countless common citizens attending the gathering, and the young girl-queen herself, leaving the lineage of Mulgaria and the House of Ugar severed.

After the terrible tragedy, each of the Birthrights quickly returns to their home nation. Escorted by armed conscripts sent by the Queen of Debron, the Birthrights leave to find out if similar attacks have taken place on their own soil, and to prepare assistance and aid to any in Mulgaria who might have survived the initial massive demon onslaught.

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Technical Notes for Game Session #1

Playtime: 6:00 PM CST – 12:00 AM CST (6.0 Hours)

OOC Notes: Campaign night was attended by Chris, Zach, Jason, Terry, and Richie. First half of night was dedicated to character prep wrap-up and defining all the character’s sacred receptacles (artifact weapons). Richie had to leave around 10 PM, and left right before the Khwol invasion of the Festival of Knowing (thus earned no experience points from the comabt). Chris showed up early to help with game room setup, and pizza and breadsticks, snacks and drinks were provided by Justin. Richie also provided snacks.

DM Notation: I hope everyone enjoyed our inaugural game session and campaign prequel adventure. Thanks for being such a great group of gaming geeks! I had a blast. It was also Jason’s birthday, so once again, Happy Birthday! – Justin

Experience Points Awarded: 1,800 to Garyn, Vawn, Braxus, and Aiden. [ EXP Log ]

Player Points Awarded: Gayrn (300), Vawn (200), Braxus (225), Aiden (300), Tradak (150)
100 awarded to all for attendance, another 100 for taking part in the prequel, 100 awarded to Garyn (50 for creatively ensuring final blow to winged minion, 50 for maintaining a character-based journal), 50 awarded to Braxus for accurately performing the duties of the party “healer”, 50 awarded to Tradak for composing limrick on the fly, 50 awarded to Aiden for being the driving force behind initially getting the players into role.

(Update from DM on 5/1/2011: Additional 50 awarded to Aiden, for being the only player to show up on the game night on time, and with a completely prepared character. I forgot about this when originally calculating the Player Points for Game Session #1)

Additional Notes: A Luck Draw was spent by Bastard Prince Garyn Dorn of Silverfel to ensure the killing shot of the minor winged Khwol minion.


I thoroughly enjoyed the game Justin and am very much looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for putting up with us and maybe next time we can break out the screen.. woo hoo.. also by my count I had 300 player points but i could be wrong lol have a good week.


Thanks, man. I appreciate it. I had a blast, and can’t wait until the 22nd. Air Conditioning is fixed now, by the way. lol. As far as Player Points, it’s entirely possible that I awarded some that I didn’t write in my notes or something. Do you remember what they were for specifically?

I have 100 for attendance, 100 for participating in the prequel, and another 50 that was awarded at game session wrap-up for RP-related stuff. On the Wrap up PP I know I didn’t award more than 50 to anyone, and a few folks got 25. What am I missing?


Great game. I had a blast. I got to follow it up with another game the next night at another friend’s house. Gaming weekends = win.


Glad you had a good time Jason. I completely agree, any weekend with gaming involved is a good weekend. :)


The warmup session was awesome! this campain has the feel of another epic. Cant wait to get the whole gang together and wreck havock across the lands. Waiting for the next installment !


Thanks, Chris. I’m glad to have you be apart of this campaign, man. You missed out a lot on the last one a few years back, so will be great to see what you’re character comes up with in these adventures.


I am really stoked on this ame sir and can’t wait to game again…. It was great to meet the new people and hope we can really get into leveling these guys up… it will be awesome finally to play one character for a long time…


Thanks, Terry. I typically don’t invest this much time into a setting or campaign unless it’s a long-term investment. I generally run an “epic” campaign about once every 4-5 years or so. Last one ran back in 2007 for 33 game sessions, and over 255 hours of game-time.


Counting down the days till next session. It`s amazing how when your looking foreward to something awesome time seems to slow to a crawl!


:) Well, I got the World Map completed, which should help a bit with everyone’s orientation to where they’re at and what’s going on. Check out Forum Post for more info:


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