Campaign of the Month: June 2011

Shattered Gateway (Hiatus) ~ CotM Award JUNE 2011

Campaign Introduction

0. Campaign Introduction

Adventure Introduction

The Oracle of Debron, Seerer of the Nine Nations, High Priestess of the Goddess Thelessara, has had a vision of the utmost importance. A dangerous and perilous quest must be undertaken by the wielders of the eight remaining Divine Receptacles, the youthful Birthrights of the Nine Houses of Nymril.

After the fall of the great Nation of Mulgaria five years ago to an overwhelming Khwol attack, the ninth Devine Receptacle was lost. Nearly all were slain in the attack, and the lands are now overrun with monstrous creatures, opportunistic gangs of bandits, and the unrestful souls of those who were slaughtered by the countless hordes of the demon army. The land is cursed and so, is rumored, are all who dare tread upon its soil.

In this vision, the Oracle foresaw the eight divine artifacts, the weapons wielded by each of the Birthrights of the other Nine Nations, uniting at the Stone Gate, and bravely venturing forth to retrieve the artifact and reinstate the House of Ugar, and the Nation of Mulgaria.

Kings and queens, or heirs apparent, this lot of royal lineage are already destined to forge the future of these lands, but now it seems the gods themselves have called upon each of them to risk life and limb to pursue this sacred mission.

Eight conscripts were dispatched from the Temple of Debron, each accompanying one of the Oracle’s priestesses, and each of these preistesses carried with her a parchment, sealed with powerful magic to only reveal the message within to the intended Birthright.

Though the messages were received behind closed doors in each of the Eight Houses, the essence of the messages were the same. The Birthrights were to ready themselves for this quest, to leave in secret, telling only their most trusted advisors of their divine duties as charged by the Oracle. The quest would begin at the traditional entrance to the Nation of Mulgaria, the Stone Gate, and would begin on the first night of the first full moon in the month of Forlitorn, in the Season of Wisdom, in the Third Year of the Black Sun Knight.

This allowed for very little preparation or planning, as the at the time of delivery of the messages, the specified full moon would arise in less than four weeks, and many of the Birthrights would have to travel, in secret, across the entire continent to meet at the appointed time and place to begin this important quest.

And, so without hesitation, what will surely one day be a legendary epic, began in secret as the Birthrights, chosen wielders of the Divine Recepticals, dispatched in secret to meet their destiny.



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