Campaign of the Month: June 2011

Shattered Gateway (Hiatus) ~ CotM Award JUNE 2011

Game Session #19 (Chapter 3)
Return of a Divine Power & End of Tribulation

Game Session #18 (Chapter 3)
The Mage & The Desert War

Game Session #17 (Chapter 3)
Sandworms Storm & Assassin's Demise

Game Session #16 (Chapter 3)
Desert Encounters & A God Descends

Game Session #15 (Chapter 3)
An Awkward Homecoming & Escape of the King

Game Session #14 (Chapter 2)
The Desert Temple & A Godess Scorned

Game Session #13 (Chapter 2)
Parting Ways & The Journey West

Game Session #11 (Chapter 2)


Points of Interest

   Points of Interest

Party consists of: Xing, Braxus, Aiden, Vaynard, Gayrn, Mila, Natasha, Mentha, Varlisa, and Ornagwynn (in raven form).

Note: The broken link (ban on divine) magic is still in effect during this game session. And Garyn discovers, not even divinely powered artifacts (other than the receptacles themselves) function. The party decides this must because something here has severed their connection with the gods, but the receptacle’s divine powers come from the holy essences contained within each and not directly from the gods themselves.

• The entirety of the game session was spent in combat. Beginning with Xing holding high his divine receptacle, Sophia, which prompted the wraith priestesses to attack him and ending with the last of the priestesses being destroyed.

• Early during the combat, the priestesses only focused their attacks on Xing himself. Bursts of flame engulfing him from their incorporeal forms, and a strange “pulling sensation” that garnered more and more of his focus with each attack. Eventually, the flames were put out by their dark elf companion, but soon Xing succumbed to the pulling sensation (intelligence drain), until he found himself without thought and was possessed by one of the wraith priestesses. Possessed, Xing turned on his party members, immediately attack Aiden. In turn Aiden wailed the monk with his war hammer (critical hit) and knocked him across the room unconscious; where he remained for the rest of the engagement.

• When the battle begins Varlisa whispers something to the raven form of Ornagwynn and the dragon takes flight, rushing back up the western corridor.

• The wraith priestesses were incorporeal, and unable to be seen with the naked eye, however the party realized they could see them in the reflection of the massive polished mithril door at the southern end of the corridor. In the reflection the party observes around 30 of the robed women rushing towards the library where they’ve holed up. The party blindly tries to fight the priestesses, using the reflect in the door to guide their blows, however the creatures seem to avoid all physical attacks as if they were not there (including magical attacks).

• During the combat, an screeching alarm is sounded when Vaynard attempts to bash in the polished mithril door with his war hammer, and giant stone watchdogs are animated and engage the party in the already confusing combat. The alarm continues to sound until the mastiffs are shattered in combat.

• Upon the fall of Xing, his receptacle fell to the ground and began sliding across the floor towards the polished mythril “mirror” door, guided by an unseen force. In the door reflection his comrades could see the reflection of the group of incorporeal wraith priestesses dragging the artifact across the ground.

• In a desperate attempt to halt the receptacle from being taken away by the wraith priestesses, Garyn had the idea of casting at the mythril door, and conjures a ray of disintegration. Unfortunately, this is how the party discovers that the door itself reflects all magic, and the ray bounced back at them, narrowly avoiding Braxus on it’s return. It strikes on of the bookshelves and disintegrates a stack of parchments and scrolls.

• After the party had dealt with the physical threat of the animated stone mastiffs, they turn their attention back to the priestesses, and the quickly escaping receptacle. Vaynard grabs the artifact, and is immediately engaged by the wraith priestesses as the mysterious roaring flames bust upon him.

• Finally, Garyn discovers that if he targets the actual reflections of the wraith priestesses in the polished mythril “mirror” door, that his spells strike them. He fires a volley of magic missiles at the monsters, and as they are damaged they become corporeal and are susceptible to both direct physical and magical attacks. The party also quickly learns that in their physical form the priestesses seem to be weaker, however once struck, transform from the form of beautiful, smooth-skinned, robed maidens into hideously monstrous figures and become more powerful. In their physical form, they also discover that the priestesses can no longer cause the “pulling sensation” (intelligence drain), and instead cause a violent reaction of convulsions if their physical form touches one of them. Natasha falls prey to one of these attacks and spends several rounds convulsing on the floor (stunned).

• Natasha and Mentha assist the party in combat and perform reasonably well, though Mentha seems to be a bit clumsy with melee weapons, once outfitted with a bow, her attacks become brutally accurate. Varlisa’s arcane magic greatly assists the party in defeating the wraith priestesses, and she holds true to her word, assisting the party and buffing party members during combat.

• After a fierce and deadly battle, the party finally overcomes the wraith priestesses, sending the last of them to their destruction.

• The game session ends with a loud “ringing” noise that reverberates momentarily through the corridors followed by the opening of the polished mythril door. Approaching footsteps from the western corridor turn out to be a slender ungarbed female dark elf approaching. A look of acknowledgment from Varlisa hints to the party that this is likely the human form of Ornagwynn.

A detailed account of the events that occurred during this game session will be written as soon as possible. Until that time, please refer to the Points of Interest above.

Game Session #10 (Chapter 2)


Points of Interest

   Points of Interest

Coming soon…

A detailed account of the events that occurred during this game session will be written as soon as possible. Until that time, please refer to the Points of Interest above.

Dungeon Map

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